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    My question is, should I log information from my hive, and what is important to log? The bees dont log whats going on too well; something about not having thumbs...cant hold a pen Anyway, I assume that there are beekeepers out there who can answer this burning question. I feel like I should keep logs on what the bees are doing for future reference.


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    I keep logs on just about everything. When I start a hive, how much brood a hive has, how the queen is doing, what queen should I use to requeen my other hives, when I put a super on, when I take a super off, how much honey did a hive store, what the bees are working at the time.

    I could keep going on and on. The big thing about keeping logs is so you can improve what you are doing to your hives.

    Hive "A" has more brood than hive "B". Why? Is it becouse hive "A" has a better queen, or has it been in a better location, or does hive "B" have somthing rong with it? You can use the same type of question with the amount of honey a hive has and so on.

    It's a tool for you. If you keep good notes, your hives will be overall better.

    Billy Bob

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    The more information the better; you never know what's going to turn out to be important. I used to keep notebooks and fill in forms as well, but the kids kept hijacking the notebooks for their own nefarious purposes, and I found I was putting much the same in both anyway. There's some good stuff at, though I tend to customise everything for my onwn use.


    Robert Brenchley
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    I agree that you need to keep logs. You just simply forget stuff. I write basic stuff in the same time I can always go back and check which hive I inspected 10 days ago and what condition was it in. It does not take more then 5 min but sometimes I look for something I did last year.



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