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    Hi Everyone
    Just thought I would intro myself to all. I am VERY new to the hobby. Just built my first two hives and am ready to set them out in the yard on a new platform. I enjoyed reading all of your comments and hope I can get some help/suggestions from you all in the future. I am just learning about FGMO and think I will go in that direction. Sounds safe and effective. See you soon.

    Mike Garitta

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    If I were giving advice to a newcomer about mites it would be this: Check for them, pay attention. Do drop counts or learn how to see them. Once you know what they look like you will see them on the bees, but until then you may not see them. They kind of look like a little reddish brown freckle on the bees.

    There are no treatments right now that are 100%. I would try the FGMO too, but I'd also monitor the results. Even if you decide to use chemicals, you need to monitor the results. If what you are doing isn't working try something else before it's too late.

    I've lost a lot of hives to those nasty mites.

    Personally I'm going for the 4.9mm foundation and using the FGMO until I get the bees small enough to for the 4.9mm cells.

    If I were giving advice on general beekeeping it would be this: No one can teach beekeeping quite as well as bees. Learn from them.

    Good luck.


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