This is my 2nd yr with bees. I currently have 3 Carniolan hives and want to switch 2 of them over to Italian because of their propensity to swarm and also just to experience the difference in the 2 races. I recently had a swarm issue from each of the 2 hives and now cannot find the new queen or any sign of her in either of the 2 hives (i.e. no larvae) Even if she is there and hasn't started laying yet I would still like to replace her now. I realize that this isn't the best time of year to be replacing queens but I figure that if I don't have a laying queen already in these 2 hives maybe this is as good a time as any.
So, my question is, can I introduce these Italian queens that I ordered into these 2 hives easily even though the current race of each is Carniolan? I've done a lot of reading about this but somehow never seen anything about switching the race this way. And what is the best method to be used in this case? Thank you for your help. Ken