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    I made a split on May 15th...queen released and laying on May 17th....They had two frames of brood and capped brood to by my figures they should start hatching her own on this question is how long does a queen take to get to full egg laying strength....right now they have 6 frames drawn out and full of brood and capped brood....I also have a hivetop feeder on top with 1:1 syrup......they are taking it pretty good with a flow gong long do I keep it on also.....

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    Do the bees have syrup stored evenly above the brood? You need to stop feeding that hive. If you find their stores are getting depleted, then fine resume feeding, but why feed the bees sugar water when they are able to feed themselves on nectar, which is better for them anyway?

    If they don't conitue increasing in food stores, then you can always resume, but as long as the food increases, regarless of how slowly, you should let them develop natural stores.

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    I've found that once the queen starts laying she can be up to full strenth in very short order (a few days). However, how much brood is reared depends on how much drawn comb is available, and the number of workers (to polish the cells, feed the young, gather pollen, etc.) Often in new hives, the queen can lay far more eggs than there is space or they workers can take care of. (Sometimes a new queen will even lay multiple eggs in each cell when there isn't enough room or workers).

    When starting a new split/swarm on foundation I usually feed until they have built out most of the comb in 2 deep, or 3 medium boxes (the brood chamber). When starting on foundation I just feed until I see they bringing in surplus nectar. Though depending the the flow I may stop feeding early when starting on foundation if they are bringing in good amounts of nectar.


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