Hello All,

I am Very New to beekeeping. Up until yesterday i didnt have any bees.
I have been reading thses forums for a few days. i am a hobbist woodworker i have made
some parts for a local beekeeper.
bottoms and tops .

well yesterday i went looking for some old hive boxs so i could make me some for this next year so i could raise some bees.
i bought 4 boxs with with 2 tops and bottoms.
on the way home i remembered some hives i had seen out in a pasture for a long time so i went to talk to the guy about bees.

well he had lost interest in bees so he gave me the hives. i came back to get them later that day there was 8 complete hives with supers and all.and like 6 very small
boxes (nucs) i think.

well 4 of the big hives and 2 small ones still have bees LOL.
( he said he hasent even went to look at the boxes since LAST fall so these bees have been on there own going on there second winter the full size ones where heavy
like around 200lbs with supers on them .

but my problem is the small ones that have bees are real light i didnt open any of them but i can hear bees in them.

i am afriad the small boxs will starve.
and i read its to cold to feed them.
so what do i do. Help !!!