How to increase the income of keeping bees in U.S.A.? Besides the honey, pollen, pollinating, what else is there? I ¡®d like to discuss with everybody together on this question.
I want to propose a suggestion, producing royal jelly. Now, Americans do not realize its value, so there is not market in U.S.A. However, we can open up this market. The royal jelly really has mysterious medical results. Its taste is not good, this can rectify flavor with the honey. When at the beginning, beekeepers can let adjacent persons try out, for example, let the person with high blood pressure or the person with low blood pressure try. Because royal jelly can reduce the high blood pressure, raise the low blood pressure. If there is curative effect, people will propagate each other. In this way people will know it, understand it and use it. In some countries of Asia and Europe, the sales volume of the royal jelly is very great. If this market is opened up and published in U.S.A, the beekeepers will increase incomes more than one time.