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    I just installed two new packages - no problems. Other than the guy at the post office saying that he did not think they should ship live critters in the mail.

    However, I went into my strongest existing hive to get two frames of honey/pollen and got a surprise. I knew there were plenty of stores (at least 7 frames of honey/pollen in one of the two deeps). When I removed the first frame the bees went into attack mode. This is the first time I have had a significant problem - but I was half way expecting it since two weeks ago they appeared a little aggressive. They are now very aggressive (Russians). This is first time in 5 years I have gotten stung while working my bees. I received about a dozen stings on the ankles and one on kneecap through two layers of clothes.

    I am wondering if it would be better to order a new queen or try to grow a new queen? I have 4 other existing hives from spilts I did 3 weeks ago. None of these 4 show any of the aggressive nature. If I grow new queens will the drones from the aggressive hive spread their genetic aggressive tracts?

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    I'm not sure when the main honey flow is there, but just a week or so before that's a good time to let them raise a new queen. It frees up more foragers because they don't have brood to raise. My guess is that is going to be shortly in Virginia.

    You can move that queen out into a nuc for safekeeping and let them raise one or just drop her in a jar of alcohol for swarm bait.


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