I got a swarm yesterday which I dumped into my observation hive at 6PM. I had most of the bees in the hive while the rest were marching in in an orderly fashion. (At this point there was a 1" x 18" opening at the bottom of the hive due to the observation window being slightly open.) By 7:00 the bees had reversed direction and were marching out the the hive and back into the box I'd captured them in.

After dark I dump most (probably 75%) of the bees back into the hive and closed the windows all the way. Most of the bees spent the night in the hive. But by 10AM most of the bees had exited the hive via a 3/4" entrance hole.

I've got them back in the box now and I think I'll just add them to a regular hive I have that contains just a small swarm. I don't feel I've got much of a chance getting these particular bees to take to the observation hive. For what it's worth, I put a few drops of Lemongrass Oil into the observation have before adding the bees.

Any ideas on how to turn this around?

Here is a picture of the observation hive. Just imagine glass on both sides: http://www.z2a.org/photos.bees/tboh-med.jpg