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    What would happen if I put a deep hive body of foundation between 2 fully drawn deeps? The 2 deeps are the brood nest and are absolutely full of bees. Would it completely disrupt the hive and/or would it get drawn out faster?

    Just curious.


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    It would speed up the drawing up process. I would instead take frames out of the brood nest and place some to be drawn out into the brood boxes. Then take the box of foundation and place it on top of the two brood boxes. You really don't want to split up the brood too much. If you place and empty to be drawn out box of foundation between two brood boxes the upper bees might be isolated from the queen phermones and start to create queen cells. I do that to start up my queen rearing in the spring but I also separate them with queen excluders and provide an upper entrance till they have finished the cells. Then I move the cells to nucs. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have done what you suggest before and it worked fine. I was just curious as to what would happen if you split it with a whole hive body full of foundation. There wouldn't be a queen excluder but I imagine there might be some issues as you suggest with the sense of queenlessness in the box separated from the queen.


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