Howdy, I was checking the hive and found two cells that were larger than the others, the tops of these cells are 1/4 inch taller than the others, they are on two different frames. these cells are just sticking up proud of the other cells. Information on the hives: 24 days old now, I have 3 completely filled frames with larva pollen and honey, and two that are being filled, new bees are hatching now. I have the Dadant book, and a couple of others, but see no pictures like the two cells I have. I do have a viable queen, although unmarked she is easily found, being almost golden and almost twice as long as the workers. the bees are very docile, I have fed them 24 cups of sugarwater so far, and 1/4 patty of artificial pollen, although that has now been removed, as pollen is coming in. FGMO is being used as a miticide.