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    I've been really interested in beekeeping but haven't started yet. I plan on putting a few hive bodies together throughout the winter and order some packages in the fall for the upcoming spring season. Because of my interest I've noticed bee's coming in and out of a hole about the size of a dime in the outside block wall of our basement. I know it would be to late to do anything with them this year, but would there be any way of coaxing them into a hive during the spring season. Also, is there any harm they can do to the basement walls of my house. One last thing, If there is a way to do this, without destroying the wall, are there any precautions i can take to ensure they will be safe for the winter and ready to go in the spring. Thanks for any replies. Frank

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    Basement wall, as in cement, or between the studs? I am just about finished removing a swarm from an abandoned house, but it was in between the studs of the walls. I made a cone, sealed all other entrances, an placed a queenright nuke outside. About 3 weeks have past, and I think most of the bees are gone. I need another day about 85 degrees to be sure. I banged on the walls and the strong buzz is gone. If so, I am going to use a non residual pestecide, then open it up after the remaining ones are dead, then let the other bees rob any honey left. It will help feed them for winter.

    As for winter protection, The bees will take care of themselves, or just plain die! It depends when they swarmed into the wall. If they had time to get some stores in the wall. They might be alright, but if it is in cement, I don't know.

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    This is a basement foundation wall made of cement block. I've noticed them most of the summer, so I would think it's built up pretty good. By the way, what is a queenright nuke?

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