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    by useing natural oils you can rid your hive of mites and shb.
    my fall prevention is to feed honey along with wintergreen to your bees in the fall to help keep out mites.
    eucalyptus oil along with your honey to prevent shb.
    when treating the bees along with fall flow this way you don't contamanate your honey with the strips
    also your honey is free from pesticides
    been doing this for over 5yrs and had my state inspection=free from mites
    so far=so good

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    Can you share your recipie for mixing your wintergreen oil. How do you feed yours and at what concentration. What do you think about feeding in the open in a large tub with floats for the bees to land on.


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    My problems with an open large tub, floats or not:

    1. It incites robbing and fighting.
    2. You feed every bee in every hive that is not yours in a 2 1/2 mile radius (5 square miles)
    3. Because of the fighting etc. you will have a lot of drowned bees. Once they fall into honey they are done for. It's like quicksand.

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    the best way to mix is use 30drops of wintergreen to a qt. of honey mix good then apply about 2 tablespoons to each hive about 3 times a week either on the top barsor at entrence.
    use all the time keeps mite out.
    also use eucalyptus with honey at the rate of 10 drops to a qt. of honey apply same way the smell keeps out small hive beetle and have had no wax moth problems.
    works for me and lot cheaper then pesticide
    good luck


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