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    Finally had a warm day here after two months sub-freezing with snow and ice. Found one hive dead. Starvation. Upper HB had 6 frames full or partial honey on either side of center. Text book: cluster didn't break to send scouts to find it. Lower HB has many frames with moldy pollen in cells. What should I do with these? Can the bees clean them out or is this comb a lost cause?

    By the way, I put the full frames on top of a queen excluder above a neighboring hive. Both of the other hives in yard are thriving.

    Michael Mundy

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    The bees will clean it up. If it's too yucky you can always scrap it.

    I wouldn't put anything over an exlucder until it's a bit warmer. If the cluster decides to move up into that area the queen can't follow.

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    I'll take out the excluder. If they move up, I guess in a few months, I'll just remove the bottom HB and use it's empty frames to restart the dead hive.

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    You could run 3 deep brood chambers? You never know you might even like it. Soon as pollen and some nectar is coming in stack the supers on (no excluder)and watch (if you have dandelions it would be the right time). Prepare to be amazed.......


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