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Thread: Old Comb Usage

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    I got some good deals at an auction today and while the brood chambers had all the comb gone due to wax moth the supers had dirty, old, brittle comb in them.........will the bees fix this or should I remove it all?

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    As long as it's not full of wax moth webs or smells bad from mice, I usually give it to the bees. They will take care of it. Sometimes if it's really stained, it will stay stained, but the bees will sanitize it and polish it with propolis before they will use it.
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    I'm cleaning up 19 medium supers this weekend that I likewise got a good deal on. Working over a plastic tarp and all the scrapping of burr comb and frames of unusable comb will be set aside to go into the solar melter.




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