This afternoon at approximately 4:00 I was watching some of my beehives and went into the house for a few minutes. When i came back out one of my hives had a swarm of approx. 50 bees in front of it. I sat and watched for a while. Curiousity got to me and i went over to the hive and took a look. At that time a large bee approx 3x the size of a regular bee was on the front board. The other bees were trying to fight it(i think). It had fallen onto the ground with one regular bee attached. I am thinking it was either a queen or and xlarge drone. i reached down to pick it up and just as i did it flew away. This was amongst 30-40 swarming bees. I did not konw if i had a swarm coming out so i just sat back and waited. within a few minutes the bees started calming down and all went back to normal. This was a large bee and i dont know if it was a drone or queen because i didnt get to pick it up. this hive was started mid may with a 3 pound package. it is doing extra well with no problems and it has produced me 2 extra 6 1/2 inch supers of honey. i still have my fall honey flow coming up in a couple of weeks which will be mostly goldenrod and soybeans. Can someone please tell me what i saw? I am a novice and since finding beesource the information i have gotten has been of the greatest help. Thank you to everyone for your help and suggestions.