New beekeeper.First year with two colonies. One fairly strong with good stores. Second colony weaker with less stored up. Bees arrived after spring honeyflow and were fed almost all summer.
Concerned now that bees will not survive winter. Finding dead bees at entrance. Have entrance reducers installed. A "tap" on the hive doesn't get a BUZZZZZ from the inside. Weather has been too cold to open hive with temps not above 40. Low temps have been to 25.
My questions:
Can I or should I put a hive top feeder on for the bees?
If they have adequate food, will they live the winter? I'm finding dead ones at the entrance.
I don't understand anything about treating for mites. I'm sure it isn't as complicated as I'm making it. But, how do you treat? with what? I heard you had to remove treatments if you were harvesting honey? I'm confused and need some guidance. Thanks in advance to those who can help me.