We would like to hear more about isolated starvation. For the past two winters we have lost 2 out of 3 hives with a full supra on top. We use apistan strips and medicate. We usually find the bees dead in a cluster on one side of the hive( a nice ball of dead bees) with little or no stores around them. However, the supra above them is full--never touched. I thought it might be the hive beetle but we find no evidence to support that. We were wondering if we should move frames to the cluster on a monthly basis ? The illusive problem is that my original hive always winters well while my two swarm hives always die. Is this an age problem with the older queens producing a weaker brood ? I have heard some discussion on replicative fading of the brood due to the use of apistan. In closing let me say that this seems like a wonderful board an we are so glad we found you ! We heard of you from the folks at Countrysidemag.com in their forum of homesteading. Thanks for listening !