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    I finally get around to take the last supper out. what I found is, out of nine frames 4 frames full with capped honey, 2 frames one side is full and capped and the other side is empty just wax drawn, and 2 frames just wax drawns. any idea what should I do with 2 frames
    where one side is full and capped but the other side is not.

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    Set them out about 100 feet from the hive and let the bees clean them out. They will pack the honey in the brood chamber. If anything they will have less to pack in the brood chamber next spring and can work the honey supers earlier next year. I will mention that wax production, capping of honey supers, and any flow worth worrying about that could result in excess honey production ending awhile ago. Next year take off the honey supers a little earlier and let them prepare for winter sooner without hive disruptions this late in the year.


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