I just put the new queen in yesterday with her cage. This afternoon they were all balled just under the top entrance opening. the drones were walking around just under the ball of bees. I panicked, and put a shallow with lemongrass oil 50-yards away 8-ft off the ground in a oak tree. The shallow super in the hive is full of honey. should I go ahead and rob the shallow now? The brood frames were full of nectar, no eggs. I installed the 4.9mm foundation on the bottom hive with the new queen, every other foundation, and the same on the 2nd new brood box i just installed. I also gave them a new shallow without drawn foundations. they have plenty of room. I turned the bottom board upside down and used it for the top intrance cover. It has a 1-inch space opening in the front, but tapers down towards the back. Is that enough room for the opening? I was reading in the forum that swarms are caused from to much honey/necter. well this hive has plenty. If they don't swarm what should i do? and if they do what should i do with this hive full of honey? i didn't know i was going to have to be a scientest to be a beekeeper.