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    Newbee questions

    I checked the hives yesterday and saw some strange cells among the brood. They looked like normal cells with a little extension on them. The detention was at opening and narrows a bit, but was...
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    Who sells plastic bird baths?

    What stores still sell plastic bird baths. Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart and Target in my area do not.

    I would like a couple of those old school plastic baths that have the hollow trunk that...
  3. Re: Gear for melting out honey directly from frames

    Why not a solar setup. I bet you could use a green house window opener to help control the temp.
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    Its all new to me as well.

    I already have a combination of foundations in my hives. There are different products that will be best for various purposes. Even within the wax products there are...
  5. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    Hobbies include: nuclear poliferation, smoking bees, operating a mating hotel, and dripless gates
  6. Starting to think beekeepers are cheap. lol

    after reading here a while, I think beekeepers just might be cheaper than average. Or perhaps they are impatient or getting a return on investment.

    Don't most folks sell honey from their hives? ...
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    Re: a little tip on sealing ply-wood boxes

    seems like it is possible to make up the difference in cost of materials, by spending on protecting the cheaper materials.

    what kind of joints do you use on the plywood bodies? seems like the...
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    Re: harvesting honey out of the deeps

    If you need honey for personal use, take a frame or two. if you think your deeps are honey bound take a frame or two from that colony. its not an all or nothing hobby. honey does not have to be...
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    Pollen Frames??

    I have seen the term pollen frames mentioned several times now and I am perhaps a bit worried.

    Are there suppose to be entire frames of pollen as there are of honey?

    I only see some pollen on...
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    Re: why wire frames?

    DoH..............Thanks for this. I want to wire as I have found it useful even though I am still crushing and straining. It would be so easy to "fish" (bad pun intended) the wire out if it was...
  11. Re: Considering all medium box hives, any reasons not to?

    Nice pics of the stained hive boxes. At first glance the knot patterns looked like bugs, one resembling a large roach another large flies.

    I have been reading these replies and considering the...
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    Re: transporting bees

    When I had to transport bees for the first time, I was fortunate that I called a local beekeeper supply guy and asked what I needed. I was clueless about moving them and what to watch for etc. ...
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    Re: Best Gloves

    after reading some of the horror stories on this website, I decided to be less brave and ordered gloves. I got white goatskin gloves with ventalation above the wrists. they are fairly flexible and...
  14. Considering all medium box hives, any reasons not to?

    I will be ordering woodenware and frames soon. I only have two hives so far, and am considering going with all medium boxes for brood and supers.

    I am considering this for several reasons:
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    extractor now or later?

    I dont have a unlimited bee budget, and am trying to settle on how to spend what i have available.

    i intend to purchase more bees this spring as well as doing splits of my two current hives. i...
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    Re: Queen moved up

    I am new at this, but would wonder if there is too much honey in the deeps.

    remember also that you do not have to harvest by the super full. you can re-arrange frames and or take a couple of...
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    Re: Useless gadgets

    my biggest dud so far is a cheap veil/jacket i got from china.

    my best tool is a 10 frame deep box. I keep one in my bee wheel barrow. i use it to hold frames and to stack supers on when...
  18. Thread: Fall flow

    by rolftonbees

    Re: Fall flow

    I live whedre the piedmont ends and the mountains start. My bees are drawing comb again. i was worried one hive was queenless due to no progress on drawing and no grubs etc. Yesterdaysb check had...
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    Re: Newby and smoke and mean bees ...

    My bees do not seem to care about what I use for smoke very much. My local bee keeper supply guy does not recommend pine, he thinks they burn too hot. Others think they are the way to go.

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    Re: Feeling "ripped off"

    Its called fee avoidance. On websites where people pay percentages of sale price for items sold, disreputable sellers will hike up the cost of the shipping and handling so they can avoid paying...
  21. Curios, do bees harvest from Kudzu. Is there at least one good use for Kudzy.

    I was wondering, do bees harvest anything from kudzu.

    In WNC it is abundant and considered an invasive nuisance. I was wondering if at least the bees might like it.

    I could sell Kudzu honey...
  22. Re: Honey Room vs Basement? Please give insights.

    As far as sanitation, the basement would be easier because I can run more water. I use the same space for canning and cheese making.

    I was just worried that there was an aspect of mess making...
  23. Honey Room vs Basement? Please give insights.

    I keep reading about honey rooms or honey houses. Obviously it would be great to have a stand alone space for this but....

    I have a couple of options. I have a 1000 squarefeet of basement that...
  24. Re: How can I make hive boxes that are perfectly stackable-a necessary requirement.

    I seriously doubt that the boxes are cheaper to make unless you are mass producing them. But I understand the pleasure of making them yourself.

    Flat and preferable level surface, and as others...
  25. Thread: water

    by rolftonbees

    Re: water

    I have been experimenting with different watering options. I have a chicken feeder out there and it works well. I have a collection of stones that I put in the ring after inverting it and the bees...
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