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    Re: A good tree to trap a swarm?

    Let us know if they start checking your trap out.
    I am just North West of you and I have 9 traps out already and 7 more to put out this weekend.
    The Red buds are starting here.
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    Re: Telescoping cover, repair.

    It works on feeders so it should work on a cover until you can fix it right.
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    Sticky: Re: Post your bloom dates 2014!

    We have some Red Buds starting in the low areas.
  4. Re: Any one have a Power Point I can use.

    Mark Thank You
    I have been teaching boy's in Royal Rangers for close to 20 years so it is almost second nature.
    But I get very nervous teaching adults.

    I have reviewed the links that were shared...
  5. Re: Any one have a Power Point I can use.

    It does not surprise me that you are the first to reply.
    Thank You you are a blessing to all of us searchers here on the forum.
  6. Any one have a Power Point I can use.

    I have been asked to give a talk on bee keeping at the local CTO meeting May 1st. :scratch:
    (Cross Trail Outfitters Inc., is a Christian youth hunting and fishing club under the national umbrella of...
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    Re: hauling out fresh pollen

    How do you like the carpet under the hives?
    I have some in the truck right now that I am going to use in a new yard tomorrow.
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    Re: Swarm Trap - Some Questions

    Dardan Welcome to Beesource.
    Just read the other threads in the swam, trap out area.
    Have fun and good luck.
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    Re: Too many queens

    If you can.
    You could screen the entrance for a day or two if you cant relocate them. Then place some thing in front of the entrance so they have to reorient to the new position.
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    Re: Too many queens

    Pull a few frames and start a nuc today. At least one frame of worker brood. Shake some from the combined package. Then you could install the new Queen on Wednesday.
  11. Re: Emergency Cut-out in a Felled Walnut

    Ask the tree trimmer to stand the log back up on end so the bees can get things in order and put a hive body on top to get them use to going in and out of it. Then when the roller coaster comes to an...
  12. Re: Thickness of wood -- building nucs with 1/2" lumber okay?

    You may have to insulate them some in the winter. Put several coats of paint on them to make them last.
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    Re: Great day in the shop

    Sorry Mr.Beeman
    When you get on a roll you aren't thinking of pictures.:eek:
    I will take some when we get home after church.
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    Re: Great day in the shop

    Very satisfying.
    I have 44 boxes airing out that I will be assembling frames for next week.
    I have a lot of catching up to do.
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    Great day in the shop

    I had a great day in the wood shop.
    5 -10 frame top feeders
    4 - nuc feeders
    4 - deep nuc's
    10 - 10 frame swarm traps
    sealed all 21 feeders / new and old
    I'm starting to get caught up after a...
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    Re: hello from mid mo

    Welcome to Bee-source.
    Start buy looking for a local bee club and get a mentor.
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    Re: Swarms & swarm box


    Take a compass reading on where they are flying and transfer it to Google Earth. Set out another feeder some place were you may get another reading and put it on the same map.
    Were the...
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    Re: Packages bees in the mail

    It would be nice to give them a heads up that they are coming and what day.
    Helps build a good relation with them.
  19. Re: Stepped outside today to find THIS!

    This time last week we had 1" of sleet and 5-7" of snow and temps in the teens.
    Today we hit 76 on the way home.
    Just another day in the Ozarks.
  20. Re: swarmbuster tending bees in Chester County, Pennsylvania

    It went very well. I had every thing pre cut so all they had to do was assemble them.
    One of them had never built anything before today and you should see how much paint he put on his bottom...
  21. Re: swarmbuster tending bees in Chester County, Pennsylvania

    Born in West Chester and grew up in Cochranville and Atglen.
    We moved out here about 8 years ago.
    It's going to be raining here tomorrow but I am teaching 3 teenagers how to build there first hives...
  22. Re: swarmbuster tending bees in Chester County, Pennsylvania

    Welcome Swarmbuster
    I am originally from Chester county and will be back in July.
    We have had a winter here like I grew up with in Pa.
    COME ON SPRING 60 tomorrow :applause:
  23. Re: Rotating Observation hive build

    I haven't built mine yet but here is a link to how I will be doing it.
    He has some good ideas.
    Its on the list to build after swarm traps.
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    Re: Swarm traps

    I am south of you and I had my first swarm call April 7 last year.
    I am just about finished building equipment for 20 new hives and then starting on 30 swarm traps.
    I already have spots picked out...
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    Re: Buying nucs

    Greg D
    If you use your 8 or 10 frame box's, take enough frames to fill out the box.
    Place a screen over the entrance and a strap around the complete hive after instaling the nuc.
    You have just set...
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