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    Re: What makes a nice hive turn mean?

    If the colony is congested it can have an adverse effect on temperament. A productive hive is a "happy" hive! Happy to sting you.
  2. Re: Winter loss - why the loss and your remedy

    Sometimes the colony does not have sufficient resources to build up their winter brood and stores. Especially in the Fall if there is a pollen dearth. I feed them pollen and try to finish up with my...
  3. Re: Replace brood frames "or not" in a Laying Worker Hive

    And as I think more about the laying worker laying multiple eggs in one cell do these multiple eggs in one cell actually develop?
  4. Replace brood frames "or not" in a Laying Worker Hive

    A friend who has been beekeeping for 30 plus years suggested that replacing the brood frames in a laying worker hive was necessary due to the size of the cells caused by drone brood.

    Curious as...
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    Re: First Cleansing Flight 2014

    Up north today in my parts it was a balmy 2c/35f degrees and the bees were out cleansing. Not a lot but certainly enough to hold promise for a good Spring.
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    Re: Shelf life for hbh

    Here is the response I received when I emailed HBB.

    In response to your inquiry for expiration times for HBH, accelerated testing with the current bottle indicates a 3-year shelf life. Our...
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    Re: Shelf life for hbh

    I have the same question. Emailed HBH for answer today.
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    Re: In need of good book for beginner

    I'm sure many of the recommended sources/books discuss the honey flow but it would be worth noting that keeping a record of the honey flow sources in your part of the woods will help you develop a...
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