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  1. Re: Nebraska certification needed??

    any certified virgin foundationless comb, crush and strain house in Nebraska...don't think so..I guess I will have to pass.
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    Re: When to Re-Queen a Package

    This is what I do and it seems to work.
  3. Nebraska certification needed??

    I have a friend that has a small shop where he sales specialty meats in Nebraska. I asked him if he could sale some of my Iowa produced honey. He told me that he would love to but the honey has to...
  4. Re: Best way to feed dry sugar ove the winter

    I agree 100% with sqkcrk. I do the same thing but I use a quilt board on top as a shim and upper entrance. I never have to wet anything as the bees will see it as food if they need it during the...
  5. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    I am guessing not a lot of talk about DCA or SHB or types of methods for queen raising..
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    Re: Feeding the bees now

    Or when you do your spring inspection, just move down any frames with stores out of he super and in to empty frames in the brood.. this only works though if you are using the same size frames in both...
  7. Re: How can I help a lost or weak bee?

    A bee hive is a super organism and not an individual bee so don't sweat a few of them not making it back. The normal attrition rate do to death and predators and such is quite high, which BTW is the...
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    Re: Feeding the bees now

    Alternative is not to pull the suppers off.
    leave honey for winter food

    None of this matters if you don't have an Idea how heavy you should be and where...
  9. Re: Caution to those that do bee rescues= FREE ADVICE

    In my area SHB is a problem relegated to environment issue and hive strength and attributes of that specific colony.
  10. Re: When to plant yellow sweet clover

    I try to frost seed here in Iowa but I don't know what your weather is like in PA
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    Re: Just want to vent for a second

    This...this is when I knew it was not going to end well. You either "keep" bees or you don't. Sure you can "have" them from year to year or what every you "feel" like but if you are not "keeping...
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    Re: essential oils question
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    Re: New member, future bee keeper

    I also recommend that you start building your bee library independent from just getting information off the web. The older books are the best ones...most of the time.
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    Re: Side Note - Laying Workers

    seen this a few times my self and I have caught three doing it on one frame at the same time. Raising queens is something every one should try jus to see stuff like this first hand.
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    Re: Syrup vs sugar water

    they are for the most part the same thing unless you are talking about HFCS. I don't understand the wrest of your much should they consume to do...what?
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    Re: Really irritated

    It ok to have bad years but to not know why it was bad is a whole different problem. What was your mite count and why do you think they did not accept their queen..what steps did you take to...
  17. Re: Absolutely love having built up resistance to bee stings this year.

    double post sorry
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    Re: Selling Your Honey

    I sale it right now in 8oz Muth jars
    and in 12 oz bears.
    I get 10 bucks for either of the two. Most people have never...
  19. Re: How many 8-frame mediums for winter?

    To, MB

    Yes but the role they may or may not play in keeping to cluster warm, just that much longer before they die could possibly make or brake a hive.
  20. Re: Alternatives to pollen patties?

    pb2 is awesome in pancakes and protein shakes and Breakfast bars!!
  21. Re: Status Change For Antibiotics In A Beehive

    alternative to Fum B. that I am using this year.
  22. Re: Alternatives to pollen patties?

    If you click on my tag line in my signature for my facebook link you will see me making them in a way that prevents you from getting kicked out of the kitchen by your wife....simple and ez!
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    Re: Will a SWARM return???

    He said they absconded and left brood behind. This is very concerning to me..Shure they may swarm for various reasons but to just get up and leave with brood a bit strange... Something is...
  24. Re: How many 8-frame mediums for winter?

    I could be wrong on this but I think the cluster sizes they try to overwinter with is more of a genetic trait then a environmental response.. at least in the short run. Remember that none of these...
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    Re: Hive Not Opened for 10 Years!

    I agree if they have been there 10 years one more winter is not going to hurt. Then in the spring I would work them so they have time to recover from any mistakes.
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