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    Re: Spring is here !

    Well, in New England, as the oldtimers say, "When the days get longer, the cold gets stronger."
    On the only days that get warm enough for flying, it rains. lol
  2. Re: Beige Carpet Stained With Yellow Dog Vomit from eating beeswax etc

    Try Nature's Miracle. I got some at Petco for cleaning and deodorizing puppy mistakes. It works pretty well at getting out urine stains; might work.
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    Re: Golden Rod & Golden Honey

    I have a small patch of corn, about 8' square. It is full of bees gathering yellow pollen, stuffed in their back baskets. I hope they leave some for the wind to fertilize the ears below. But, I am...
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    Re: Recognizing Rader Sidetrack............

    Kudos to Radar! :banana:
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    Re: genetically engineered honeybees

    Don't worry. Monsanto is already on it.
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    Re: multiple eggs in cells in new package

    Thanks, Michael. Yes, the cappings are domed and large.
    Unfortunately, it is pouring rain right now or I'd go out and get her. I'll do it as soon as it clears.

    Thank you, delber, for your...
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    Re: multiple eggs in cells in new package

    Just checking back in - I went into my hives yesterday (five days later) and in hive #1 where I had seen multiple eggs in some cells, there is capped brood, larvae and eggs on five frames, each side....
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    Re: multiple eggs in cells in new package

    Oh goodness, I meant April, not June.

    Thank you all for your responses. You have been reassuring. I'll check back in a few days.
    And I'll check my other hive, started at the same time, to see...
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    multiple eggs in cells in new package

    I hived a new package on June 19. On May 1, I went in to check for brood. There was a nice patch of new eggs, but no young larvae or capped brood. I could not find the marked queen - perhaps her...
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    Re: Solar fence sharger for bears

    Hi voltage is what is needed - the zap has to hurt. Baiting is needed (I use peanut butter in a foil pocket, wrapped around electric netting) so the bear tastes or sniffs with sensitive parts. If...
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    Poll: Re: Hive Overwintering Fools - Challenge 2013/2014

    I just went into my four hives to check whether there was any moisture on the homosote underneath the outer cover, and three of my four hives are dead! There is so much honey in there, it's oozing. ...
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    Re: Frigid forecast for 1/5/14

    I think the bees can survive the cold (as long as they don't get wet from condensation), but I worry that there is no break when they can out for cleansing runs. Today, the cold has broken - it's...
  13. Re: Should I wait for a returning virgin or combine?

    Thanks, Michael. I did similar calculations, but yours are more accurate. This Sunday, I will check them and if there is no sign of her, I will do the combine.
  14. Should I wait for a returning virgin or combine?

    I checked one of my hives yesterday that on 9/6 had brood, no open larvae and probably no eggs (hard to see). Yesterday, there was no brood at all but two open queen cells on the bottom of a frame. ...
  15. Re: Combining queenless hive with smaller hives

    Thanks, Mr. B.

    I have been reading up on newspaper combining. Beekeeping for Dummies says to keep the strongest hive where it is, newspaper it (one sheet w/ holes poked through) and then put the...
  16. Combining queenless hive with smaller hives

    I had a strong hive come through the winter and I have made three splits from it to prevent swarming. Two of these splits have made their own queen (saw eggs, larvae, and capped brood yesterday),...
  17. Re: Insurance for the Honey you Sell and Give Away

    I have a small farm package through Farm Family Mutual Insurance Company. It covers liability for anything I produce and sell, on or off farm. I used to have an addendum to my homeowners, but it...
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    Re: Need flower and plant ID

    The pink looks like wild flocks to me. I have some that planted itself, blooming now. I have yet to see a bee on it.
    I'm not positive, but the shrub looks like an hydrangea variety. I don't have...
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    Re: NPR radio show

    This was on BBC. It's two parts and I only heard one of the parts, but I looked it up. Of course, I am at work so can't play it but will when I get home.
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    Re: nucs or packages ?

    True enough, BMAC. I think it has been lack of confidence, but I am getting better at that. ;-)
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    Re: nucs or packages ?

    This is my second winter with bees. The first time I had 2 packages. Neither overwintered, but I don't blame the bees - it was a learning curve on my part. I did end up with lots of drawn comb for...
  22. Re: Are you ready for the Odfrank overwintering challenge?

    I am not officially registered in the overwintering challenge, but I have been following this thread. Last year I lost both my hives, one to starvation.

    This year, knock on wood, they are both...
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    Re: Winter Wrapping Bee Hive

    re: wrapping your hive like a package. When February comes and you want to add pollen patties or fondant to feed, it looks like it would be difficult to unwrap to open the hive up enough to get the...
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    Re: Insulation Hive

    At my bee meeting this week, we were discussing feeding this time of year. One member said he stops feeding about October 1, so the bees will have time to cap the honey. One year he kept feeding...
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    Reversed brood boxes - good idea?

    I have two active hives. I went in yesterday; one was doing well lots of capped brood, honey, and tiny larvae. I couldn't see eggs but I am assuming they are there. I have never found the queen,...
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