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  1. Thread: Paramoth

    by frankthomas

    Re: Paramoth

    Michael Bush.. I like your solution of keeping supers on the hive until the first hard freeze. But... will the bees not move up into the higher supers?
  2. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    This thread may have become about time of day but originally I was asking time of season. Or what point in the summer to treat to get the healthiest bees going into winter. All questions have been...
  3. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    Evenings are easier for me. How long before sunset have most foragers returned?
  4. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    Thanks all this really puts my plan together.
  5. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    Good point about most of the bees being in the hive. So that means NOT during the day and good weather. Night time is out I assume. So daytime with bad weather???
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    Re: Worst place you been stung.

    Directly on an old surgical scar on my stomach. It made the whole 3" length of the scar swell and get tender.
  7. Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    I'm in Michigan and want to do a series of 3 OA vaps 5 days apart. When is the most effective time to start this? Thank you.
  8. Ever add an upper entrance after the fact?

    I want to add an upper entrance to a super already on the hive by drilling a 1" hole with a Forster bit right below the handle. Bad idea?
  9. How to clean scum off top of settled honey?

    My filtered honey is sitting in 5 gallon pails. Is there an effective way of skimming that layer of white bubbles off the top? Thanks!
  10. Re: Questions on Storing extracted and unextracted honey

    Thanks MB.
  11. Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

    1 - The connection to the outdoors and to agriculture. Animal Husbandry.
    2 - Continuing the tradition. I am a 4th generation beekeeper and no one else in my family was doing it so it might have...
  12. Questions on Storing extracted and unextracted honey

    1) Is it okay to store frames of capped honey for a few weeks until ready to extract?
    2) If storing extracted liquid honey for a few weeks until bottling, any precautions or issues to watch for?
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    Re: Quilt boxes

    I used the cedar shavings you buy at the pet store for putting in cages. It got my 2 first year hives through that Michigan winter with many days below zero. The only mistake I made was not sifting...
  14. Re: Newbie and Varroa Concerns and Fall Flow

    I am just a 2nd year guy so take my comments with a grain of salt. You should get some good direction from some veterans soon.
    The sugar roll test is just another way to do mite counts as is the...
  15. Thread: Propolis

    by frankthomas

    Re: Propolis

    I have been seeing a lot of that tan chewing gum propolis all year. Different than last year.
  16. Goldenrod blooming in Central to West Michigan

    Yesterday I was driving from Lansing to Grand Rapids Michigan and saw quite a bit of Golden rod blooming. Seems a little early to me.
  17. Feeding extracted honey back to bees - good thing?

    I have about 2 gallons of honey that I do not want to sell or eat myself. Can I feed it back to a few hives in my yard? What's the best way to do it? Does it need to be watered down?

    The reason...
  18. Re: My homemade extractor - 4 frame radial for about $60

    Thanks Rader. Design note: I actually did add two pegs further back on each of the bottom arms to keep the frames straight. The lower side of the frame sits between these pegs made from 1/4" dowel...
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    Re: Extractor replacement bearings?

    Here is the post with my finished extractor and pics...
  20. Re: Harvesting Honey Soon - Looking for input

    Here is the link to the pics and description of the extractor I built for about $60.
  21. My homemade extractor - 4 frame radial for about $60

    I started with a 32 gallon foodsafe Rubbermaid Brute container, a 42" 3/8 all thread rod and stainless steel nuts washers wing nut and acorn nut. I used 1x 3 pine to fabricate the frame holders....
  22. Re: Harvesting Honey Soon - Looking for input

    I built a very simple but elegant I think, 4 frame radial extractor. It works great. I have maybe $60 into it. Its a Rubbermaid 32 gallon Brute food safe trash can. A 3/8" all thread rod. A stainless...
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    Re: My first experience with Russian bees

    I have been hearing that abundant propolis can indeed hamper pests and reduce disease potential. Good stuff though it makes our job a bit tougher.
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    Re: Nectar flows in Michigan

    What can we expect to be the primary nectar sources once the 2nd flow starts up? I am thinking of pulling everything off by the end of August which so far has been very light mild honey. I am getting...
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    Re: Some stinky frames of honey??

    Given the quality of this honey, should I feed it back to the bees?
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