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    Re: Drumming the bees

    If you want them to abandon the brood, drumming can work. The proper rhythm is about two beats per second alternating sides. Pretty much any old sticks work fine if they are heavy enough not to...
  2. Re: Does Warre Culture ever actually work?

    Well, all my surviving bees are in the care of another beekeeper, but I will say this: For the two seasons I kept Warre hives in Seward, AK the Warre hives consistently outperformed the Lang hives in...
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    Re: Barrel Boat

    You will definitely want to foam your barrels. The likelihood of your watertight seals (bungs and bolt-holes) staying watertight, over time, is small. Foam will not only increase the buoyancy, but...
  4. Re: Calling all Alabama beekeepers: No comb law...yes or no?

    Similar laws in Alaska have not prevented the spread of disease into/throughout the state. The bees, themselves, are the major carriers of disease spoor. Parasites ride on/in living bees. Virus and...
  5. Re: KitchenAid Artisan Mixer - Making 1 gallon of 2 to 1 syrup.

    I try not to feed syrup, but when I do, I mix in a 5-gal bucket.

    4x sugar 5lb bag
    3 gal water HOT from tap

    5x sugar 5lb bag
    7 qt water BOILING (fast simmer, not roiling boil) from a...
  6. Re: Western Bee Supplies, Polson, Montana

    My only order from Western happened several years ago (2006 or 7?). I ordered a pallet of 8-frame medium supers and frames. After wrangling shipping to Alaska, they finally arrived: a pallet of...
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    Re: Frame Spacing in Warre (or TBH)

    The same spacing variations exist in framed hives. Voirnot recommended different spacing than Hoffman (which is the current standard North American frame-space) which is different from Manley (common...
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    Re: Bee-o-pac VS. Ross Rounds

    In addition to Grant's comments, above, have a look at

    I can't use any of the "systems" because they're only available for Lang or...
  9. Re: Keeping Bears away using radio & Light

    Not really sure what a hay ring is, but bears are known to crack open tree trunks when they find a hive low enough they can get to it. They are known, also, to demolish [non-electrified] chain link...
  10. Re: Keeping Bears away using radio & Light

    ... not for long, anyway.

    Alaska sells bear-bells to tourists. This Alaska resident's thoughts on that are: great, just tell the bear where an easy week's-meal is at. Build a fence or tack down...
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    Re: swarm prevention

    The Taranov method of artificial swarming, as described, works great IF the bees are already intent on swarming. Are you certain those were swarm and not supercedure cells?

    A split might be a...
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    Re: North Pole Ak

    Just noticed. Mntransplant - as in transplant from Minnesota? I think you'll find wintering bees in Fairbanks/North Pole is not that much different from Minnesota. The dearth is just LONGER. And,...
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    Re: 5 frame beekeeping?

    reply sent by PM so as not to jump subjects
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    Re: Dense honey?

    You can always try warming a few degrees to get the air bubbles and bits to rise out of it. Or bottle as is. I suspect the low water content will actually retard crystallization.
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    Re: 5 frame beekeeping?


    Yes, it's because they were dirt-cheap (in North America) compared to other patent-hives of the day. Reasons for this are numerous and cascaded with time. Suffice to say the history of...
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    Re: North Pole Ak

    A: You're wrong. There are quite a few beekeepers in the Fairbanks/North Pole area who successfully overwinter hives - every year. Get active with the local beekeeper's association. Do NOT believe...
  17. Re: How often should we be opening the hive?

    I agree. Ultimately, they're your bees. Keep them how you like and I will keep mine how I like. Eventually, you will form and hold opinions about what is appropriate and what is not. Until then, just...
  18. Re: How often should we be opening the hive?

    I don't know that there is not a proper answer for "should". From the standpoint of the bees, we should never open the hive. Every time we so much as crack a propolis seal, let alone actually move...
  19. Re: Seeking Article From 1916 Bee Culture

    American Bee Journal, Volume 57 - 1917

    Blast. Only through August. Hmm...

    I don't use it, much, because the search function isn't friendly, but check at
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    Re: What's the minimum hive

    I think your plan will work just fine. They should winter okay in your two deeps. My warre hives (8" deep and 12" square, per box) wintered in Alaska in just two boxes. Two deep langs give almost...
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    Re: how do i make sweeter mead/wine

    In a 6-gallon batch, about three years ago, I experimented with 30lbs of premium fireweed honey. It came out super-dry - HUGE pucker-factor. Yet the alcohol content was less than 10%, as figured from...
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    Re: The Hive and the Honeybee book

    If, like me, you actually WANT and older edition - prior to when A.I. Root began altering and adulterating the material in it - then you can get it, free, from Google:

    A Practical Treatise on the...
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    Re: Homemade No Graft Queen Rearing

    I think it will work. I also think the Doolittle method or IMN system will work just as well with no specialized equipment to store for the rest of the year.
  24. Re: venom collectors and mixing injections

    The beewhisper site seems in general agreement with articles on venom collection I have read at Ukrainian and Russian web site (Sorry, don't have the links any more). The only thing it fails to...
  25. Re: Seeking Article From 1916 Bee Culture

    I haven't looked for your article, specifically, but try Google Books:

    Gleanings in Bee Culture, Volume 44 - 1916
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