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    Re: Making a steam heated uncapping knife

    I'd give your local industrial supplier/hose supplier a call. There are plenty of steam-rated hoses out there... but a lot of it does depend on temperature and pressure.

    Parker has 86 hose...
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    Re: Maxant 20 frame

    Yup... it's simple, easy to maintain, easy to repair. I've been running the same motor on my old 4F tangential Maxant for a while, previous owner had it for who knows how long. Obviously the 20F...
  3. Re: Maxant Extractor reel/basket runout comparison

    My biggest beef is the sealant used on the bottom of the tank... fine, the reel looks like it was rolled by a high school kid who happened to have access to a TIG welder. But because of the special...
  4. Re: Maxant Extractor reel/basket runout comparison

    Long and short of it... The unit has been returned to my dealer and a refund received.

    The bolt down lugs would be the tabs welded to the bottom of the tank that allow you to bolt it to a...
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    Re: sealant on stainless steel honey equipment

    Something to consider, before you fill that void with epoxy or silicone... once it's on there you will never be able to fully remove it. If you want to weld to the tank, say to add a new fitting or...
  6. Re: Italian 20 frame extractor... pretty is it not?

    Gotta pay for quality. I'm becoming less and less impressed with the quality of the stuff I'm seeing sold for hobbyists/sideliners.

    Show me anyone in the US (or North America) who's making an...
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    Re: The bear strikes again

    My solution last year was to fix the fence; thought it was working but it wasn't (feeder line was shorting out). Bear got in 2 nights in a row (ignored the working fence on 2nd night, climbed right...
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    Re: help please - bees making honey too fast!

    Makes perfect sense... I've got a couple hundred deep and medium frames, a couple boxes of foundation, and a stack of painted boxes... but if the frames aren't assembled and foundation wired in, then...
  9. Thread: How much wax

    by dtompsett

    Re: How much wax

    typically gum rosin is used. Pretty sure some of the US bee suppliers also sell the rosin... at a markup.

    I figured I wouldn't start dipping equipment myself until I had a market for people who...
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    Re: Extracting method ...

    Taller post = never catching.
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    Re: How Much Effort

    I've tried to combine building with buying.

    I buy boxes and frames unassembled. I buy inner covers, outer covers, bee escapes... assembled.

    Frames I've discovered it's worth spending a bit...
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    Re: 2 small extractors instead of 1 big one?

    -2 smaller units equals more floor space. Start comparing dimensions of the smaller units to the larger units, without much increase in diameter you get a big jump in frame capacity. ...
  13. Re: Maxant Extractor reel/basket runout comparison

    Maxant's reply is "Everything is hand made, so there will be some variances when we make the spokes/reels."

    Any manufacturing industry I've been involved with would have tossed this stuff in the...
  14. Maxant Extractor reel/basket runout comparison

    Maxant 1400 10/20F owners, I need a favour... Quick... go grab a ruler/tape measure.
    (Unplug the machine... no hands in a running piece of equipment please)

    Measure the distance between your...
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    custom cappings spinner

    Anyone built their own custom cappings spinner that can chime in and give a bit of advice?

    I've got an older Maxant 4-frame tangential extractor (series 1600, model 4), just ordered a new 1400P...
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    Very rarely if I've had a hive be aggressive during more than one visit, I consider requeening unless there is an obvious reason (skunks bothering hives can make them aggressive).

    Running 20+...
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    Re: productive hide in to nucs

    If you're trying to take a productive hive and make several productive hives for next year, you want to replicate those hive genes. Introducing outside queens isn't going to guarantee productive...
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    Re: Noisy extractor motor

    Slather the bearings in honey.
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    Re: Plastic Frame Indentations

    I used to work in injection molding in the auto industry. Those "indentations" are needed to reduce material thickness and ensure a properly molded product. There are a lot of problems that can...
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    Re: Bee and neighbor problem

    Random hits from foragers happens. I keep some hives 100ft from the house. Usually a couple times a year I get one pestering me, and usually once a year I'll get stung. No real reason, just a...
  21. Re: Ian Steppler... question re: your blog - shaking down queens

    In a commercial setting it means one less visit to the yard, less handling of boxes, less time spent inspecting in a hive.

    Thanks for verifying what I thought I was seeing Ian. I don't think...
  22. Re: Suppose post-swarm you find 10-20 capped queen cells...

    If you've got the equipment (table saw, skill saw) to cut the wood, make some nucs. My experience is deeps, but mediums just means you have to be a little faster with providing space.

    I make my...
  23. Re: Can someone help explain this pollination contract entry?

    I assume the expectation is the basic contract includes the initial dropoff and the final pickup. Should the grower want hives moved around the property for any reason that still takes place under...
  24. Ian Steppler... question re: your blog - shaking down queens

    Ian, thought I'd poise the question on the forum, so others could benefit from it.

    I'm pretty sure I understand correctly, but wanted to be sure. ...
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    Re: Testing a Electric Bear Fence.

    For a quick test... assuming the grass isn't brown, crispy, and dry... grab a long piece of grass, hold one end and place the other on the electrified wire. As you slide it closer to the wire the...
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