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    Re: Melting brood comb wax

    Why ? Most come with some wax already these days. I bought into the mantra here a few years ago, went to the effort of waxing a bunch of frames. I'm using all plastic, and, it made absolutely zero...
  2. Re: High Volume OA Vaporizer for under $70 and it kicks butt! Make your own, it's eas

    You do know that heating OA to that temperature will do more harm than good dont you ?

    I think OA in general is already getting a bad rap as ineffective, and that's mostly from folks using...
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    Re: Honeypaw slit uncapper

    When we were doing small batches extracting with a 2 frame unit, we used to extract strait into the strainers. After we upgraded to an 18 frame extractor and start measuring extraction cycles in...
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    Re: Adding Pollen Supplement to Sugar Syrup?

    I make up my own mix in the spring for feeding, it's a pretty simple recipe, and they mostly devour it. Starts with a 2kilo (4.4lb) sack of sugar, to which I add about 1.2 liters of water to make up...
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    Re: Using excel to estimate yearly income

    This is what the fireweed in a logged area looks like 3 years after they log. Depending on how fast the trees grow back, the site will be good for a few years, the fireweed starts to die off when...
  6. Thread: Fume Board

    by grozzie2

    Re: Fume Board

    If the supers are very crowded when you put the triangle escape on, then put the fume board above, the exits in the escape will get so plugged with bees they cant get out anymore. I put the escapes...
  7. Re: Dilema: overwintering white queens or replace blue ones

    The conundrum is often this. On one hand, we want to keep the queens that produced well for propogation. On the other hand, we want fresh young queens in the hives for a good spring build up. ...
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    Re: Using excel to estimate yearly income

    If you are going to take your bees out cutting, you can increase the yield a bit by following in these folks footsteps.

  9. Thread: Brood

    by grozzie2

    Re: Brood

    Look at the top left of the photo, looks like multiple eggs in some of those cells. Most of what is capped is drone, and ages of what is there are all over the map. It's kind of the classic display...
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    Re: Using excel to estimate yearly income

    I think he meant fireweed, but auto-correct changed it for him.
  11. Re: triangle escape board. How long till they are through?

    It doesn't the way I use them. Typically for the mid summer honey pull, we go out with an empty super and an escape. The filled supers come off, empty goes on, then the escape, then the filled back...
  12. Re: triangle escape board. How long till they are through?

    I found using the triangle escapes with something like bee go creates a huge traffic jam in the escape, and the bees cant get thru it anymore because it's plugged with bees. I put them on in the...
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    Re: should i extract now?

    extract it, then put the wet super back on the hive. They will refill the empty drawn supers far quicker than a super being drawn out.
  14. Re: I know nothing about the queens inside the nucs I bought. Is it worth requeening?

    if they came from a bulk supplier in Port Hope, a minute on google will tell you they probably originated at Dancing Bee.

    so the first question to ask, if you are going to source a pedigree...
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    Re: Swarm control, have we been doing it wrong?

    I think what is meant, if you can keep the bees from swarming, you'll get more honey per unit. But you are taking a different strategy. Split em before they swarm out, then accept a smaller amount...
  16. Re: Seasoned beekeeper question regarding beeyard comptition

    Are you on your own property ? Or are your bees on somebody else's land ?

    I've been curious how this situation gets handled when somebody buys the property and sets up a few hives, with somebody...
  17. Re: Please Help Me Understand superseder cells

    Those are cups, not cells, and they are quite normal. If you see a larvae in them, they have become cells, and it's an indication the bees are starting to raise a new queen, either to supercede or...
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    Re: Too late to begin?

    You can start bees just about any time, but, it's a case of managing expectations, and starting with an 'appropriate' starting configuration. If you want to be sure of having honey for sale, this...
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    Re: What comes 1st? Royal jelly of the egg?

    Royal jelly goes in when the egg becomes a larvae. If you have jelly in the cell, it's long past being an egg, and is now a developing larvae.
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    Re: What on earth is going on here?!

    Couple of capped cells mentioned in the first post. Second post with photo shows a pretty spotty pattern, there is larva there. Photo in the first post shows plenty of available empty comb. I...
  21. Re: Coup d'etat? Am I watching a power struggle? Long Island, NY

    The bees wont go thru the excluder to get to frames that are not drawn, you want to get rid of the excluder until there is comb on those frames. Until there is comb on those frames, the excluder is...
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    Re: Queen excluders

    I'm using the Mann Lake metal excluders, stumbled on an easy way to clean them. I have a solar melter made out of a re-purposed old skylight window that came out when we re-did the roof on the old...
  23. Re: A little advice on a laying worker hive, please.

    Just consider the math of the 'frame of brood, once a week, for 3 weeks' mantra. It seems folks say this will result in queen cells on the third round, so, 3 weeks before you see a cell, then it's...
  24. Re: Started beekeeping.. i dont see any eggs its been 3 weeks

    eggs are often difficult to see depending on the light angles, but larva are easy to see. If you have open larvae, there is (or was very recently) a queen. If not, then the hives are in trouble. ...
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    Re: Stock Evaluation and Breeding Project

    This project sounds a bit similar to the one Leandord Foster has had on the go at UBC for a couple of years where they are attempting to find a correlation between genetic markers and desireable...
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