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  1. Re: Is there a "normal" amount of dead bees at the bottum board?

    Oops! Missed the two week period; burns375 is correct.
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    Re: Warning to the wise

    Vance, do you know what the weight was when you closed them up in the fall? Mine only just started rearing brood a week ago from the look of one hive I checked. Look good for stores but they will...
  3. Re: Is there a "normal" amount of dead bees at the bottum board?

    Is that all? I usually see a lot more than that; like at least a quarter inch layer over the whole bottom and thought that was normal for a double deep.
  4. Re: How quickly might a spring hive go from loads of honey to barely any?

    Good question; I seem to be faced with it most years. It it correct that a frame of brood takes a frame of honey and pollen (either from stores or in combination with what is coming in? I just...
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    Re: Can i pick a mite off a bee?

    It is tedious work! you have to segregate the bees you clean the mites off or they go and get lousy again. It is tricky turning them over too to check the bottom side; that is where most of the...
  6. Re: I'm starting to think that black plastic frames and queen excluders are from sata

    Putting un drawn plastic above a queen excluder is often a problem. Stale plastic that may even be unwaxed is also not appealing to bees. They will often hang their own free form comb from the frame...
  7. Thread: Huge drone?

    by crofter

    Re: Huge drone?

    #8 screen? Even workers cannot get through that mesh screen. Yes I have seen some very large drones. Maybe sumo drones!
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    Re: Opening your bottom board... When...

    Bees need to maintain over 90F. where they are drawing comb. More than just egg laying and brood areas need to be heated way above average outside temperatures. A nuc or a package especially has to...
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    Re: Microbial Activity and Pollen Myth

    I dont see much modern research reference. Lots of dates there back into the 1920's and the most recent 1975. Changes are noted in pollen after a period of time but are those changes essential to the...
  10. Re: What is a tolerable mite count for Spring in the Midwest?

    Here is a link to Ontario Ministry of Agriculture site on Varro mites, testing methods and treatment action levels.
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    Re: Frame bottom bar - thick or thin?

    Make sure the frames you get are completely compatible with the foundation you will be using! I dont know what is common in Oz. Also of importance is whether the different dimension of bottom bar...
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    Re: Foundation Pins

    I tried the bobby pin idea and it worked to some extent but the idea does have problems. If the timing and conditiions are right and you happen to get foundation that wants to lay flat the bees will...
  13. Re: Beekeeping Internship in Jamaica! Please Help!

    I suggest that if you offer to go and work for free and pay 1500 a month besides, you could get some takers in California. Some potential companies might be turned of by the Indieagogo thing though....
  14. Re: How much moisture is added to the hive, from respiration, over the winter?

    Ace, I agree in principle with what you are suggesting. Enjambres does use more insulation above the layer of shavings than I do so would seldom see frost on them. I do see frost on the shavings...
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    Re: Rehoming a hive 100 miles.

    I have moved hives over 300 miles and do like to have a screened top (plus screened entrance). I have other covers that can be placed over the screen in case of rain or to control temperature at...
  16. Re: How much moisture is added to the hive, from respiration, over the winter?

    I dont see the shavings as being a storage for moisture. It is definitely insulation as the majority of its depth remains warm and dry (it there is lots of ventilation above it). Only the top is damp...
  17. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    There certainly is an issue about "how much" air exchange is necessary. Is more better? Climate will dictate! To simply supply CO2 and oxygen exchange, fairly small openings obviously will work.
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    Re: A Must Read about QEs & Top Entrances

    It also did not say whether the supers were drawn or bare (plastic ?) foundation. No reference to swarming. Something is skewing the results besides skunks! No way the difference is that profound and...
  19. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    Sorry, bigeddie: you definitely were not the target! I agree with what you described.

    Rader and Ace have been dancing around for several years now!

    I think we are a bit like the seven blind...
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    Re: trying foundationless frames

    Shinbone; well put, that is about my experience with the number of drones. Maybe different climate, different bees, or different motives, it might suit to allowing all the drones the bees were...
  21. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    There doesn't have to be any air exchange. The vapor pressure of the volatile liquid will send it out the single opening quite handily. I dont know whether it is a fair comparison to water vapor in...
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    Re: Wiring Frames without an Embedder

    Do a google search for spur embedder That should give you some info.
  23. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    bigeddie; I may have added confusion with my last sentence which I have edited. You are correct; change of temperature of a sealed container will result in creation of pressure differential. If the...
  24. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    You could put a single opening of lets say 2 sq. inches at the top of the hive. If the air at the top of the hive is warmer than air outside there will be flow out of the top of the 2 Sq. in. opening...
  25. Re: propane insect fogger and FGMO as varoa treatment ?

    Sometimes advice that no longer applies gets left up. You still see reference to people wanting to know recipes for spearmint and wintergreen to control varroa but the original use was for the...
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