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    Re: Florida dept AG apiary inspection

    While I'm not dissatisfied with my inspector. I want to know how someone with no experience can become an inspector? I can assure you a "Master beekeeper" cert doesn't mean much. I worked for...
  2. Re: Varrox and Varrocleaner Oxalic Acid Vaporizers:

    I have a Heilyser and bought OxaVaps version. I use both as I wanted two to got thru the field faster. I prefer the VarroaCleaner by OxaVap and it cost less. wish I had two of them....
  3. Thread: What to plant?

    by Robbin

    Re: What to plant?

    I would ad BeeBee trees to Mr. Bush's list. If you've got open fields, sweet Yellow clover is awesome.
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    Re: Florida dept AG apiary inspection

    It's sad to here it's coming to this. Everyone in our club looks forward to the expert advise that comes from our inspector with 30 years as a commerical beek under his belt.
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    Re: well, this is a bit heart rending

    I don't think it's that easy to over ventilate. I had two, small hives that didn't even have all the comb drawn go thru two nights of 15 degree weather this winter. Both had at least 1" square...
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    Re: Queen cells on plastic comb

    I've done it once and it worked. Just be careful. I prefer to move a frame with only one or two cells. But I don't want to waste cells with three or more on a frame, so I remove them. I used a...
  7. Thread: First Split

    by Robbin

    Re: First Split

    Agree with 22DPac, it depends on your hive. If you have a very full double deep, an even split is the way to go. If not, pulling out a nucs worth is the better option. And an even split is not...
  8. Re: end of the day nuc transfer left some bees out

    Sounds like you did a good job. congrats on your trapout!
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    Re: Freeman SHB trap

    I've got 6 of them. They all kill a few bees every now and then, but if you make sure there are no bees on the underside of the SBB
    and you make sure the tray is pushed TIGHT againest the front of...
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    Re: Bees balled a queen on top of hive. Why?

    I'm with acebird, the original queen was gone long before the cells hatched. If you lose the virgin, your hive is queenless and no way to make a queen without help.
    I had that happen to a hive...
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    Re: Did I just kill my Bees?

    Sorry the SHB got your hive, it is amazing how fast they can do that. usually a strong hive is all the defense you need, a split, by def is not strong.
    Next time, don't throw the comb away. ...
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    Re: Balling a newly marked queen

    I lost 4 last year and the first two I tried this year. I decided it's just not worth the risk. I haven't gone to the trouble to cage them and re-introduce them.
    If I try marking them again, I...
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    Re: FDA ruling it the works?

    BEE carful what you wish for. They come out with a rule requiring all Honey be offically tested and they put all the little guys out of business... Don't expect the government to do it correctly and...
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    Re: Never, Never, Never and Never again wear.....

    I had a sweet young lady crawl up my leg last month. She was sweet enough to allow me to walk away from the hive, drop my pants and brush her off without stinging me... I've got a feeling SNL was...
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    queen candy in cages, and cage placement

    Is there any preferred position for the hole with the queen candy in it to face when you put the cage in the hive? What about position in the hive, I ususally use a middle frame in the top most...
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    Re: Western Bee Supply - outrageous shipping costs!

    You are correct, I didn't see the case price, but there is still the free shipping, which was 20 bucks from Mann to my house.
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    Re: Western Bee Supply - outrageous shipping costs!

    Check this one out. 6 1/4" Assembled Commercial Frames With Black Rite-Cell® from mann lake, 33.30 for 9, plus 20 for shipping to my house, almost $54
    Amazon box of 10, 6 1/4" Assembled Commercial...
  18. Re: advice needed for medium sized plot for honey production

    I don't think anything can be better than sweet yellow clover. It's the only thing I've seen that they actually state (for honey production) on.
    It is bilennial, grows two years, flowers and seeds...
  19. Queens come tomorrow, how long can I wait until I install them....

    My queens shipped overnight, will arrive tomorrow. It's rainy tomorrow, wednesday is better, thursday and friday better still. Warmer, upper 70s light wind. Sunny thursday and partly cloudy Friday...
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    Re: Bee Weaver Queens

    I've got 5 coming this week, I'll let you know how it turns out. My wife has suggested that I move them to the other side of the farm if they are mean. she loves to go look at the bees with me. I...
  21. Re: Watched a beeweaver video on their first attempt at TF bees….

    Well I won't continue to argue with a guru of your stature. I will tell you that beesource is full of stories about watching their hives die of mites. If it's so easy, why isn't everyone treatment...
  22. Re: Watched a beeweaver video on their first attempt at TF bees….

    Bee-52, you just made my point. You lost hives until you BOUGHT queens that have been raised to be treatment free. Florida probably has the worst SHB and mites because of our climate. SHB thrive...
  23. Re: Time to change the signature line in the interests of full disclosure

    I sure am sorry, and that's very depressing... I thought raising bees was going to be easy.....
  24. Re: Watched a beeweaver video on their first attempt at TF bees….

    We have the advantage of being able to buy TF queens from an enviroment that is not wildly different from ours. Florida is a tough place to go TF. I'm just hoping my beeweavers aren't mean as...
  25. Watched a beeweaver video on their first attempt at TF bees….

    Watched a beeweaver video on their first attempt at TF bees….

    Out of 1000 colonies, 900 died. Out of the 100 survivors, about 50 were productive. Out of those only 5 went on to raise progeny...
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