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  1. Re: How do you keep nuc clusters from freezing overwinter?

    I work on foundationless medium frames and don't remember seeing Y holes since I bought a few nucs on foundationed deeps some 4 years ago.

    This is my second winter on 5x5x5 medium framed nucs. ...
  2. Re: Decrease productivity do to excessive and prolonged rains.

    We had the same weather pattern in Tulsa, OK. They went nuts on persimmons last week between heavy downpours. The flooding drowned some of the clover but I have plenty left and it should recover...
  3. Thread: Bee Vacs

    by Bryan4916

    Re: Bee Vacs

    I use a home made bucket type vac and find it invaluable. I built one that would suck the bees into a hive box but didn't like how it sealed and wasn't consistent with different hive boxes.

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    Re: Square Icing Buckets From Walmart

    Wal-Mart icing used to come in the 5 gallon round buckets but they changed over about a year ago. Every once in a while I have seen one of the 5 gal buckets show up but its rare. The new buckets...
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    Re: Natural honey with a spicy cinnamon flavor

    I had a small section of partially cured honey that has the same taste. It was harvested by me in NE Oklahoma on July 5th. I have no idea what the source is but it tastes great.
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