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    Hive has Queen but no brood or eggs

    Hi all,

    I am converting my equipment to 8 frame and I placed this particular hive in the new boxes last week. There was some capped brood at that time but not a lot. At the time I thought it was...
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    Re: Nuc question for ya.

    If weight is the reason you're considering using all mediums, you could use 8 frame deeps with 8 frame mediums on top. I run one deep and one medium for the brood chamber. This setup works for me...
  3. Re: Anything to kill SHB larvae already on frames?

    BTW, watched the youtube vid. I have used that method in the past and it is a good one that my mentor taught me. The only time ants aren't a nuisance! Lol.
  4. Re: Anything to kill SHB larvae already on frames?

    Thanks johng, I didn't even think about swapping the hives as an alternative. All my other hives are in 10 frames. Should I just temporarily swap the nuc for a couple of days or just one day? I...
  5. Re: Anything to kill SHB larvae already on frames?

    This particular hive is in a 5 frame nuc box with SolidBB. I got the bees from a cutout from a friend's house. I gave them two frames of honey from another hive about a week ago because they didn't...
  6. Anything to kill SHB larvae already on frames?

    This summer my number one problem has been fighting the SHB. I just bought the Gardstar concentrate and will be trying that out around the hives next. My question is, if one or two of the frames...
  7. Re: Lots of bees clinging to stalks of grass

    Thanks for the reply. This hive was booming early in June and then it seems to have been struck by pesticide poisoning and many curled up and died. Right before my eyes they were pulling themselves...
  8. Lots of bees clinging to stalks of grass

    Yesterday and today I noticed about 100 or so bees clinging to stalks of grass in front of the hive. I noticed that they would climb to the top and try to fly into the hive but would fall back down...
  9. Re: Beginner Here... How to convert new hive to new bottom type?

    Hi saltcreep, welcome to the forum. I am a new beek as well, but I do know that when I went to pick up a hive from my mentor, we had to switch out the bottoms. All he did was take off the hive lid,...
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    Re: Bearding early in the morning

    @JohnV, yes I noticed today that when they started bearding again this afternoon, it was on the shaded side first. Interesting.
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    Re: Bearding early in the morning

    It definitely was not ALL the bees, but they hang down approximately 3 inches below the entrance. Now that the sun is hitting the hive, there is a lot more activity, although still some bearding. I...
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    Bearding early in the morning

    This morning I woke up about 5:30am and just out of curiosity, I went to check on my two hives. Interestingly, one hive had a "beard" of bees actually hanging off the entrance. They weren't really...
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    Re: Swarm trap question

    Thanks all for the vote of confidence, especially you, POW317. I hope my similar situation has such a happy outcome and in my own backyard too! lol.
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    Swarm trap question

    I placed a swarm trap with an old piece of comb inside my backyard. I really wasn't expecting to catch any there and I was going on vacation so I just left it there. After 12 days I returned home...
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    Mississippi Shortcourses

    April 7: 1- day workshop in Jackson at the Agriculture & Forestry Museum, Heritage Auditorium. Weather permitting afternoon sessions will be in the bee yard.

    May 13-14: 2-...
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    Guide bar width for top bars?

    Hi, I just finished all 33 top bars with the guides inserted into a cut groove down the middle. Now I'm wondering if maybe they may hang down too much. The guide sticks out 1/2 an inch. Should I...
  17. Anyone know of 2011 classes in Mississippi?

    So far, I haven't been able to find any classes offered in 2011 for MS beeks. I am planning on attending the Memphis Area class in February since my parents live there, but it would be great if...
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    Re: Mite Screen for Tbh's

    I just bought some at Ace Hardware. I called two different Aces, one had it and the other didn't so I guess they are independently operated. Also the one that had it, had it in the back not out on...
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    Where to place SHB traps

    My TBH will have a screened bottom and a drawer underneath this screen for inspection purposes. My question is, if I need to put SHB traps in my hive, would I place them inside the hive or in the...
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    Re: 8 Frame Super Dimensions for a long hive?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. This info will be very useful!
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    8 Frame Super Dimensions for a long hive?

    I am going to build my first KTBH and I wanted to make the top wide enough to be able to set an 8 frame medium on top of it perhaps in the future. Can anyone tell me the outer dimensions so I can...
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