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    Re: Beginner with lots of questions

    I'm a second year beekeeper and I would recommend a couple of things. Number one would be to join a club. Most clubs have a beekeeping class in the spring and mine had a field day as well. We were...
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    Re: Combatting SHB

    I was told by a beekeep to try hydrated lime spread underneath the hives but you have to do it once a month. I bought a bag at the farmer's coop but have not spread it yet. I would like to find an...
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    Re: I had to destroy a hive today...

    I've been told to use hydrated lime under the hives about 6 foot diameter. I don't know a rate of application. I bought a few bags but have not put it out yet.
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    Re: Shook out hive to rid laying worker

    I had laying workers on a new hive started from a package. Fortunately I had another hive started from a nuc and was able to place frames of open brood and they raised a new queen. It took me 3...
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    2 hives long question

    I have 2 hives. One hive is a 2 deep hive with 2 honey supers still on. The honey supers have honey but the majority are not capped. I harvested one super of honey this year from this hive. The...
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    Re: Laying worker hive + Queen cells...

    I have a laying worker hive I am dealing with as well. I added a frame of eggs and larvae the first week and the second week I added a 2 frames one with bees and capped brood and the other with just...
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    Is it safe to extract my honey?

    I live near Knoxville Tennessee and I have a hive that has 2 deep hive bodies for the brood and winter stores. It also has a medium honey super full of capped honey and second medium honey super...
  8. Re: If Queen cells are now gone does that mean I have a Queen?

    I added a frame of eggs and larvae and a frame of capped brood with bees on it to my laying worker hive and I now have a queen cell and it looks like the laying workers are no longer laying eggs. ...
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    Laying worker hive with new Queen cell

    I have a hive that had laying workers and with the advice from beekeeps on this site was told to add frames of eggs and larvae. Well after 2 weeks and 3 frames of eggs brood and larvae, I now have a...
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    Laying Workers

    I started a package of bees around the 1st of May and the queen did not make it. I added a frame of eggs from my other hive but they did not raise a queen and now I have a hive of laying workers. The...
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    Re: Bee Suit or Boiler Suit and veil

    I bought a hat , veil and some Red Kap painter coveralls and my wife sewed up the pocket openings on each side and I also bought a jacket with a zip on veil. They both work well and were reasonable...
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    Possible lost queen

    I started a package of bees on the 1oth of May and did a direct release of the queen on the 13th. I checked the hive yesterday and could not find the queen. I also did not see any eggs,larva or...
  13. Re: 1st time package installation no candy in queen cage.

    This was my 1st package of bees and I was caught off guard. It was funny because I looked at the queen cage 2 or 3 times thinking I was missing something. I released her on Sunday and I'm thinking...
  14. Re: 1st time package installation no candy in queen cage.

    Thanks for all the replies. I will probably release her today or Monday and see how she does. I'll let you guys know.
    Thanks Jeff
  15. Re: 1st time package installation no candy in queen cage.

    Cake icing seems like a good idea. Thanks
  16. 1st time package installation no candy in queen cage.

    I received my 1st package of bees yesterday and did the install but I ran into one snag. When I removed the queen cage from the package I noticed it only had a cork in one side with no candy. I...
  17. New member from Anderson County Tennessee

    Just started my 1st hive with a package of bees yesterday and am excited about becoming a beekeeper. I live in Anderson County Tennessee just North of Knoxville.
    Jeff Baker
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