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  1. Re: One shot wasp poison sprayed on cut out. What to do?

    i.m with mr. beeman try to save it. :gh:
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    Re: Removing bees from honey supers

    does anyone know a home remedy to move bees out of supers real quick, so I can take off my honey before I treat. also can I leave supers on while treating with formic acid. please someone out there...
  3. Re: Has anyone ever got stung trying to mark a queen that looks like this?!

    those are paper wasps and they don't make honey. period they sting. why in hell would anyone want to do that. u kill them they eat honeybeess
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    Re: What's going on here?

    when its over cast and humid, they don't forage much some do most don't, they stay home and are pissy all day. till the weather changes. mine are like that too, i'm in Washington. i've watched mine;...
  5. Re: Two emerged early on me and the rest o.k.

    if u don't want them to kill each other make cages around your queen grafts so when they emerge that's where they stay till u take them out ,if u leave them to kill each other, then u have wasted all...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    :(I had one too Yesterday
    June 8 about 3 pounds of bees still in my tree, hopefully my girls will come down to my swarm trap, boo, If I loose this one too ,its number 4 . I caught one two flew...
  7. Re: Surprising Discovery in My Hive

    not all honeybees are are orange and yellow,some are black grey mixed it genetics:lookout:
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    Re: My first hive inspection

    Welcome to Beesource, the source page pages for all beekeeping, im Janelle I'm in Washington state and I have 6 hives. my question for u is about your feeder, can u tell me a little more about it, or...
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    Re: How many bee hives do you have?

    I started with four, one of them swarmed caught it, that makes five and I had 13 queen cells in one hive took four and 3 frames and did a split that makes 6 , and its so much fun being a beekeeper ,...
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    Re: Our girls out in the rain,,,,

    Went out last night and it was a downpour, poor girls I tried to take a little stick and get them to right hive but to no avail I gave up, and thanks e spice I thought it was cool too, my bees are in...
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    Our girls out in the rain,,,,

    Ok, so does anyone know why our girls don't stay home while it's raining, so I go out on the deck and some of my girls are drenched, and cold. I'm like a concerned mother. Don't they know they can...
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    Re: Splits and queen cells

    [ok, first off,i had 13 queen cells in one hive, and I went in to look, and c if any hatched, they did, and I c no hide or hair of them, its like they disappeared, I have two queen less hives, and I...
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    Splits and queen cells

    Ok ive done my first split,, yeah it went well, the hive I took the frames from had 12 queen cells, and I put four in the nuc I made, but I...
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    Re: Fantastic phone call

    when inspecting do pictures that would be great to c how they progress awesome I wish stuff like fell in my lap. :applause:
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    Re: Checking in on the ladies

    Those are some nice pictures,and there doing well awesome :applause:

    Mother of Bees 4 hives and going strong
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    Re: NE Ohio - Mason Bees

    Hey silverbee,will my masons be ok, its raining, they won't get too cold will they, new at mason keeping, my honeybees are in and out even in the rain, except when really pouring
  17. Re: Why are dead bees missing their heads?

    Hello could also be yellow jackets they do that too.good luck
  18. Re: lauries bee sugar block recipie

    If anyone has other recipies they feed there bees to keep them healthy I would like to learn about so I can keep my bees up tp par, so please any help will be great thank uJR
  19. Re: lauries bee sugar block recipie

    Thanks everyone for responding, ill probably ask other things soon :)
  20. Re: lauries bee sugar block recipie

    Would it be possible to use this recipe for suger syrup too,I'm mean add the ingredients to it to give them a spring time boost do u think it would help JR
  21. lauries bee sugar block recipie

    hi, laurie I would like to make your famouse suger blocks for my bees , can u please write it down on the next reply for me in small batch for like 4 hives please. I get my nukes this week and I want...
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    Re: Yellow Jackets again

    I'm having the same problem, will there be enough honey, and stores for later or are the yellow jackets going to consume it all.
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    am i Queenless

    :( ok went outside this after noon and checked my girls. I was just sitting and listening to there humming and buzzing, and i hear them fanning, and it sounds angry, like and angery electrical wire,...
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    Re: Coastal washington

    Welcome from renton wa, new beek also, 2 hives and there doing wonderfully:lookout:
  25. Re: Hey Newbees, who started this year, got a hive you want to brag on?

    hey everyone I haven't posted in awhile,but my girls are doing great here in Washington,I'm a newbie beek this year,i have loved every moment of it,my girls have been busy,i have two, i already have...
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