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  1. Re: Confirmed swarm in El Paso FREE BEES! COME GET EM!

    "If cutouts are your business, (and there are very few who can make a living doing cutouts) it is about money. If bees are your passion, it is not."

    I was fortunate enough to take my passion and...
  2. Re: Michigan Loses Right to Farm Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

    Santa Caras,

    The fence height ordinance is 6' tall for privacy fence.


    Notice the fence in the background. lol
  3. Re: I Extracted Honey; What should I do with my frames?

    Put them back on the hives.
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Picked one up yesterday about the size of a basketball. Swarmed out of another beekeepers TBH. He was gracious enough to allow me to capture it in one of my lang hives. I will wait a week or so,...
  5. Re: Michigan Loses Right to Farm Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

    I really do not think you will see this enforced too often. It is one more law that is there if absolutely needed by law enforcement.
    One more thing... money is the root of all evil. I'm just saying.
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    Re: Cleaning wax?

    Crock pot and an old cotton t shirt as a strainer.
  7. Re: Place hives at random or make a bee yard?

    Bee yard. Everything at one location just makes sense.
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    Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    Haven't fed for years. I already took off 135# or so from 3 hives. THIS years hives from cutouts. All depends on your area and mother nature.
  9. Thread: New Swarm

    by Mr.Beeman

    Re: New Swarm

    Mutts. I have a lot of them. Sometimes I get completely black to almost no black all in the same hive. Feral cutouts or swarms... you get what you get. Most often they will out perform packaged bees....
  10. Re: Ever add an upper entrance after the fact?

    I notch the inner cover about 2" wide. Added ventillation and another exit/entrance if they want it.
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    Harbert, Mi removal slideshow.

    Boy...... was it HOT and HUMID! lol Bees were upset from the get go. How many stings do you think we took?
  12. Re: Cut Out Bees: Abscond while box open waiting for latecomers?

    Nice removal. Didn't know about the fertilizer thingy. Sounds dangerous to inhale.
    A story is typically 10' tall on average unless there are some really tall ceilings. lol
    Again, nice job.
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    Re: Best time to do a cut out?

    Sounds like this morning would bee a good time.
  14. Re: Bees are so agreesive and stinging through suit why?

    Yesterday was NOT a good day to be messing with bees. Hot...humid....between nectar flows...possible dearth in the area. Bad combination.
  15. Re: Goldenrod blooming in Central to West Michigan

    On the way back from a rather lengthy removal from the niles area, I noticed goldenrod just starting to bloom on 31.
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    Re: mold in the extractor

    Bleach - water solution and a garden sprayer. Make sure the "fellow beek" knows before hand so he/she can purchase said items on their way over to do the job correctly.
  17. Re: Cut Out Bees: Abscond while box open waiting for latecomers?

    After the cutout, I leave with the hive and vacuumed bees (which are now in the hive and brood comb). The few stragglers will find elsewhere to be productive.
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    Re: mosquito fogger killing honey bees

    Could also be tracheal mites.
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    Re: Swarm catcher boxes

    Swarm calls here are down 75% or so. Bad winter kill I'm thinking.
    I'll take those odds Cleo. lol
  20. Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

    Tranquility... plain and simple.
  21. Re: Aha, it's not just me, NH seems to be having a problem with honey supply

    Opposite happening here. I pulled 142# of honey off of three hives last week and they still have 3/4 of a medium full of honey on each hive. I still have to check the other 7 hives. The best part?...
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    Re: Baffled from bee tree

    The swarm will either be gone or they will be in your hive set up. I am hoping that they will be in the hive... but the odds are against it.
  23. Re: Tips for finding the queen in a vacuum bucket or box

    QE over the brood chamber and add empty hive body as a funnel, then dump the bees in. The only time I caged a queen was while performing a cutout where I found 13 that were emerging as I was removing...
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    Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    Tar paper is a good choice. The solar gains coupled with slowing down drafts helps. Tar paper will not absorbe and wick away heat from the hive at night. Insulation board above the inner cover is a...
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    Re: under the dog house

    Awesome removal and the bees look quite numerous. Purdy queen.
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