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  1. Re: Making NUC out of single Medium?

    I use 4 frame mediums for mating and I plan to try 4 over 4 for overwintering. We will see.
  2. Re: How did I not know about linden trees?

    I have fallen in love I dare say it..Milk weed. Not only do the bees like it but it does smell AWSOME even at a distance. With out bees I would of never allowed it to grow in my gardens but...
  3. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    I know I am getting a bit of OT here but I just called their sales line since I would only get a machine and would you know it..? They lost my order with a "glitch" in the system. I spoke to the...
  4. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.


    Screw it my wife made me some frames. We had some spare bar ends and yes she pointed out that these pictures show a complete disregard for finger safety. We are looking in to...
  5. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    I just got off the phone with Better Bee...and guess what? They don't have them in stock either. I did not ask who is it they get their frames from but I am guessing Kelley as well so if any...
  6. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    Well just got off the phone with central bee supply. They sound like great people the lady who took my call was very understanding of my issue with Kelley bee...mainly because THAT IS WHERE THEY GET...
  7. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    Thanks Every one for your input. Mating nuc time is not the time to be running out of frames!!
  8. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    when I asked them about their price they seemed to express they were made in house with this response.

    "The price is correct! Our foundation-less frames come in bundles of 10. What sets our...
  9. Re: who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    I might go that route but regardless I think I am done buying from Kelley when and if I receive my last order of frames from them. Bee Thinking, thinks the world of their frames but at roughly twice...
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    Re: Kelleys

    Called today to check on an order and it went right to voice mail...uggh..:waiting:
  11. who else supplies frames designed for foundationless use.

    As far as I know Kelly bee and Bee thinking are the only suppliers of such frames. Is their any one else that also sales such frame.:s
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    Re: Kelleys

    I am waiting on an order that I am not even sure is going to be right. I made a mistake on the online order sheet and called a second latter and got a person who said they were going to fix it. Sadly...
  13. Re: First Season Hive Swarmed... (sigh).

    Thanks for your reply at least you have open up some new tools for me to try that I did not have before.
  14. Re: First Season Hive Swarmed... (sigh).

    I don't mean to hi-jack but I was wondering about after swarms. I thought that the first queen that hatched would go along and kill the other queen cells but to my dismay I had after swarms instead....
  15. Re: Keep feeding or wean them off?

    I agree once they start storing it, it is time to back off. Unless you have been getting tons of rain...Like me:(
  16. Re: Why aren't Cloake Boards more popular?

    This is my first year making queens. I originally looked at nicot and studies that for a month but then I found OTS queen rearing that is done via notching the cell. So I used a mixture of OTS with a...
  17. Re: Using 8 frame mediums on top of 10 fram deep brood boxes....

    having the outside of the brood box open to you with out having to pull off the super allows you to the option to use Drone frame for IPM of VM if you are in to that method.
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    Re: Tiny bees-type?

    a side by side would be a informational and very useful pic for those of us who have never seen a natural or regressed bee.
  19. Re: Irrational Response to Hurting a Bee?

    once you fully accept that the hive is a supper organism and not individual bees just livin in a community you will get over your emotions and also put your self in mind set to manage them better. If...
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    Re: New Queen getting balled

    You can make an introduction cage or buy one. I don't know how they would or would not work for you but at least you get to see the acceptance or rejection.
  21. Re: Multiple Breeds in Apiary a Problem?

  22. Re: Serious allergy scare during hive inspection

    why on gods green earth are you going to see bees that you don't know with out proper PPE.
  23. Re: First-Time Beekeeper, new package installed

    bees normally wont take syrup until the mid 50's plus warmth is also a factor for them to work the comb. I don't know if feeding dry sugar is something you can successfully do well with a package but...
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    Re: When to start Spring Feeding
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    Re: Beekeeping in 20 years?

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