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    Re: Spring build up, when to start???

    I've been thinking. That is scary thing to do.The earliest swarm I have seen in my area is first week of April. That means build up should start last week of February. That said also depends on...
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    Re: No compete clauses

    I never scroll over in this area, but all gave me interesting thoughts. I've been in business for 32 years, and I've seen all these issues in business. The only ethics we have is what I have when I...
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    Re: Which size hives are most productive?

    All beekeeping is local. I learned a lot from Fatbeeman videos, but he is in Georgia. They get cold weather, but not like other areas of US. In one he states, bees can make enough honey for winter...
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    Re: Why is shipping not common anymore?

    One thing not mentioned besides bees arriving dead. I think many apairies can sell everything they have available locally. They have no need to ship
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    Re: Value of used equipment.

    Get a book, and compare it to retail. As to smokers, I don't know the life of one, as mine is 5 years. Hive tools, I keep planting several a year, but never got a harvest. If the woodenware isn't dry...
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    Re: Jar feeder on a nuc

    I've been thinking of cutting a hole in a migratory lid and placing either a 2liter bottle, or a 20 oz bottle. Ive been told to place only 1 hole, but what size, and why did I read only 1
  7. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    The issues we actually have is something called the "paradox of the red queen",in Lewis Carroll's Alice in wonderland, Alice told the red queen it's gaining on us, she replied run faster....
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    Re: Inferior Drones?

    If I understand this correctly, the queen controls the drone genetics. When a man releases his sperm, each is different as genetic reconfiguration and division have occurred inside of him. A honeybee...
  9. Re: First Year Experience, Good & Bad. Lessons Learned and Words of Wisdon.

    I hear where you are coming from. I had some notions from when I had bees 30 years ago, and came back to it 5 years ago. I have a couple of buddies. We each have our own hives, we get together...
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    Re: Making Extreme Spilts with 2 Frame Nucs

    If each frame had everything you need. But even in my best hives there are comb underwent, empty com. Out of 20 frames likely 4 hits that. The other issue, is bees will leave to return home. Only...
  11. Re: time to checkerboard/open brood nest in southern Ohio?

    Henbit is blooming in west KY
  12. Re: Transporting Packages... Best way to keep them contained?

    Had a friend that had a package shift. Cut the mesh and allowed several hundred loose in his truck. Drove with suit. My issue is if emergency( such as car accident) someone could die. Secure those...
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    Re: Theory behind Lemon Grass oil.

    Smells like lemon pledge. All the ladies in the hive like to clean and dust
  14. Thread: Gunfire

    by Dave1958

    Re: Gunfire

    A neighbor used some tannerite on a hornets nest. I didn't see him but I heard it. Hornets nest was gone when I went by.100000 pieces
  15. Thread: Feeding Honey

    by Dave1958

    Re: Feeding Honey

    As long as it's YOUR honey. Not bought from a store. That kind of honey can have foulbrood spores. Safe for humans, but lethal for bees.
  16. Re: When is a telescoping cover better than a migratory cover

    The main purpose of an inner cover is so the bees don't glue the cover down where you cant pry it off
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    Re: Wax Moths and Cold Weather

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    Re: Does a Queenless Hive Always Roar?

    Queen will stop laying if she is not fed protein. So, is there fresh pollen coming in. Give them a small protein pasty and look for eggs in a week
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    Re: Mike Palmer 4 Frame nucs

    I used 1/2, need 3/4.
  20. Re: chopping up pollen patties to prevent shb from laying eggs?

    A friend of mine uses zip closed bags. He uses the smaller ones, and gets the air out. He cuts into 1/2 or 1/4. The bees cover the edge as they eat and SHB can't get at it, because bees are on the...
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    Re: hive placement

    Shade is for the benefit of the beekeeper.
  22. Poll: Re: Do you wear a respirator when vaporizing oxalic acid?

    I have a 15 ' cord on my vaporizer. I place it in the hive, throw a towel over the entrance , connect the battery and walk away. When vapors come out I disconnect the battery wait a minute. I walk...
  23. Re: Hive possibly on its way out...possibly not. Small cluster in very strange place.

    No, I work on teeth
  24. Re: Hive beetles should be gone, but they are thriving!

    Swifter dry pads will trap them. Then freezer them boogers. I put in zip bags to transport
  25. Re: Hive possibly on its way out...possibly not. Small cluster in very strange place.

    I'm 20 miles south of you. Some beekeepers here wrapping hives. I don't, because I feel cold doesn't kill bees, moisture will. We have a couple of local bee clubs in our area. I invite you to join....
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