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    Screened Bottoms

    I have been wanting to try screened bottom boards but Im not to sure how they work. Do you have to have sticky paper or some sort of trap under it or can you just have the screen? What size of...
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    Re: Frame In Honey Super Extractor?

    It has been awhile since this thread has been posted on. I was just wondering if anybody found any plans or new where an extractor like this could be bought.
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    Re: They should blame themselves FIRST

    Well everyone knows bees love a good chemical bath or at least I hope they do. Seems like they get one on a monthly basis. Might as well dip the frames add a few more chemicals to the mix.
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    Re: Where Are The Beekeepers?

    It seems unfair to say that commercial beekeepers are doing nothing to fight ccd. We may not be chemical free and feed sugar, and hfcs. I feel that when our lively hood is in survival of the hives...
  5. Re: Will CCD, Neonics, Mites, etc eventually burn themselves out?

    I have faith that there alot of "quiet" beekeepers that are skilled at making replacement bees, and will continue to make a good livelihood. The media does not talk to the "quiet" ones, only the...
  6. Re: Will CCD, Neonics, Mites, etc eventually burn themselves out?

    Bee's will at times collect pollen from corn, however, the problem is coming from when they are planting the corn and chemicals are getting in the air and contaminating surrounding plant.

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