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  1. Re: Ventilation issue after reducing entrance for Robbing

    If you pull back the sticky board an inch or so, it lets the bees ventilate the hive properly and will allow the use of a reducer. I've take to leaving mine on all the way from July through to the...
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    Re: Why aren't Drones clones?

    Read up on mitosis (the mechanism of cell division) and germ cell production. I'll give you a quick answer, but it's too complicated for a paragraph or two.

    Basically, when cells divide, the...
  3. Thread: Cut out bees

    by psfred

    Re: Cut out bees

    A queenless hive, particularly one that is a swarm or cutout, will often simply migrate to a hive with a strong queen. This also probably why much of the "drift" in an apiary occurs, the bees prefer...
  4. Thread: Where to paint

    by psfred

    Re: Where to paint

    Latex paint seems to "weld" on prolonged contact pretty much forever, so I don't paint the edges. Titebond will work very well, I think, but the bees usually propolize mine enough that I don't worry...
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    Re: Population diminishing

    Bee populations drop off quite a bit after the flow is over, but you should take a good look to make sure you don't have a mite problem, or are not in a serious nectar or pollen dearth.

    It's a...
  6. Re: My first frame with foundation. My evolution as a beekeeper. I feel kind of dir

    A couple points here:

    Foundation was developed for beekeepers, not bees. The bees will do fine without it. Beekeepers usually find it solves a number of problems.

    Unless you only insert empty...
  7. Re: How many Commercial Bee Keepers attend club meetings?

    I believe we have three, maybe four that come to our meetings. Some of them only come in the winter as they are too busy the rest of the year. We are a small group, though, and didn't mob them!
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    Re: Adding brood box from bottom

    The box on the bottom will get full of pollen in the fall, the bees store it up and use it to make winter brood. Once it's empty, it will stay empty and you can pull it in the spring.

    At this...
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    Re: Type of exterior paint

    Any exterior paint will work fine. Interior latex will chalk badly, it's not really meant to be exposed to full sun level UV radiation. Other than needing replacement often, it will also do OK.
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    Re: building frame question

    So long as you make them the proper dimensions to fit the hive boxes, you can make them out of anything you wish in terms of width. You will lose some comb, but not that much.

    If you don't have...
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    Re: Homemade/built 8 frame hive

    Nice hive!

    I'm thinking of making some garden hive tops, just for fun. They won't make much difference to the hive and have some drawbacks, but they provide more insulation if stuffed with...
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    Re: 1 out of 6 hives bearding today , temp 88

    Some of mine beard a lot more than others, I don't know why. Strangely, today the hive with the junky wide open bottom board I need to replace with a Kelley style screened board has twice as many...
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    Re: Seeing bees carry stuff away from hive

    I fed my first hive some sugar patties I'd wrapped in plastic wrap, and since they were rather sticky, I left them on the wrap on top of the inner cover.

    The bees ate the candy and hauled the...
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    Re: Yellow Jackets & Onslaught

    If you put the traps out very early in the spring, you will trap the overwintering queens and eliminate the whole hive before it gets going. Yellow Jackets hibernate, only the queen lives til the...
  15. Thread: Smoker

    by psfred

    Re: Smoker

    Once puff into the entrance, another under the top cover, wait a minute or so. Usually don't have any trouble with the bees being excited and flying around.

    Only time I use more is when I have...
  16. Re: Kelley N Frames and wired foundation - pin? Wire? or leave as is

    I wire everything. However, it might be OK to not wire those slotted top frames if you use wired foundation.

    Deeps with the slotted top bars must be wired, else the foundation will sag right out...
  17. Thread: Dearth feeding?

    by psfred

    Re: Dearth feeding?

    I feed new hives with hivetop feeders through the dearth. Established hives with sufficient drawn comb will be fed in the fall (September/October here). I lost my first hive to failure to feed in...
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    Re: Looking for some assistance or guidance.

    If you do not see eggs in a week and do not have queen cells formed, buy a queen. It's not too late to introduce one.

    Keep all the frames pushed firmly together -- the bees will start drawing...
  19. Re: How do you store extracted comb till next season?

    I have found I must use paramoth crystals if I want to keep the comb, else the wax moths rip it all up.

    Not my favorite way, but everything else gets me too much damage.

  20. Re: Bees eating a gal of 1:1 in a day, why so much ???

    Keep an eye on them, but it's probably time to quit feeding. I usually quit when they have enough comb drawn for winter stores, even if it's not full. I'll feed them 2:1 in the fall to get them up...
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    Re: Honey bees and red clover

    Some years the flowers are short enough for them to get nectar from red clover, but that's not the usual case. They will use whatever they can get to, and bees LOVE clover of all types. They go...
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    Re: Wood species for hive components ?

    I suppose something like cocobolo might not be good for the bees, or teak, but I doubt that would ever be a problem.

    Pine is the usual choice because it lasts well enough and is light -- you can...
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    Re: Aha. So this is why you feed nucs.

    The behavior of the bees on the cage will tell you if they have accepted the queen.

    If they have, they will be quite easy to push off the cage, just slide your finger slowly across the screen. If...
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    Re: That one obnoxious bee

    I often get one of those persistant bees after an inspection. Sometimes they want some sweat, and they are welcome that if I'm not digging or something where I might squish it, but otherwise when I...
  25. Re: Post-Inspection: Need help interpreting what I saw; Pic included!

    I would get that damaged frame out. It's fine to extract it. Warped comb leads to more warped comb, and that is a real pain later.

    Your bees are making drone comb, which is what they will make...
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