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  1. How far will bees travel over open water ?

    I am surrounded by water, rivers and a harbor on 3 sides and open ocean on the other. I was wondering if anyone knew how far bees will travel over water to forage ?
    When the tide is out, the...
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    Bird eating my bees

    Noticed a mess on a bench near the entrance to the hive and another one under a branch of a tree about 2 feet away. At first I just thought some birds had taken shelter from the rain.. But then I...
  3. Re: Anyone ever have any luck re-queening after a shake out?

    Earlier this year, I had a hive with a laying worker.. My first hive.. Contacted the dealer I bought the package from. I wanted to buy a new queen. When I arrived to pick her up, he gave me me a...
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    Re: Not sure this is right

    Here is another picture I took while looking inside. This one is blurry because of me..but it might help see what is going on.

    Also.. Last week, when it was raining I found a fairly large bee...
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    Not sure this is right

    This is my first hive
    Installed bees April 3rd.
    Weather here in Northeast Massachusetts had been very mild. Then mid April turned colder and it has been raining, on and off for about a week...
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