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  1. Re: AFB-how does the foundation supplier kill the spores

    I am not interested in derailing this thread, but what about creating a nano-carbon filter? Or perhaps just filtering the wax through something similar that filters particles or items the same size...
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    Re: Today's mobile home cut-out...

    This makes one wonder what we can learn from bees moving into private property. An insulated mobile home. Designing the next generation bee homes should take this type of insulation into account....
  3. Free testing for nosema for midwest-southern region until August

    This post is made for free testing of bees suspected of having nosema. Please post here with any inquiries or send a message. I am located in Missouri, but will accept samples from other non...
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    Re: Why I don't consider using treatments.

    A few years ago Marla Spivak from the University of Minnesota and Michael D. Simone-Finstrom from the North Carolina State University published a paper called, "Increased Resin Collection after...
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    Re: Candle hive stove

    Some colonies didn't survive this year's winter because of unpredictable weather, for the mistake of a beekeeper, nosema, mites, condensation, and for many other reasons unknown to us. I am just...
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    Candle hive stove

    There are quite a bit of videos online of people using small candles to heat a room through convection and radiant heating via clay pots.

    What do...
  7. Re: What do you do when encountering african bees for a cutout?

    Some people advocate spraying soapy water to kill the bees.
    I understand this is a last resort option, but do you think this could be avoided most of the time if, instead of using a smoker, one...
  8. Re: Winter Solstice: a Beekeeper's New Year (Welcome New Beekeepers)


    I learned to be more patient with the bees. They would have proceeded into winter much healthier had I designed their garage exit tube and hive heater with better fine tuning. The entire hive...
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    Re: Bees LOVE Vitex

    Yes, they liked it so much that they decided to move in. This is from late October.
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    Re: Plotting swarms.


    Speaking of Google maps, ecologists from France's National Institute for Agronomic Research used Google maps to...
  11. Thread: Nosema

    by mountainbeek

    Re: Nosema

    In her book, Managing Alternative Pollinators, Marla Spivak writes, "Even if we did not grow such expansive acreages of fruits and vegetables that require bee pollination, another pressing question...
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    Re: Mite count.

    Sugar roll a few weeks ago was under threshold of 8 mites per 100 bees so I didn't treat. Cut to a mite sugar roll test yesterday that was at 12 per 100 bees. Decided against Mite Away and went with...
  13. Thread: Nosema

    by mountainbeek

    Re: Nosema

    Maybe this might help. The following is from researchers over at the medical microbiology division of Lund University of Sweden, "In 2005 Tobias Olofsson and Alejandra Vásquez discovered that a large...
  14. Re: American beekeepers and pride in beekeeping and honey production

    Some Chinese beekeepers do have pride in their beekeeping as shown in this video.

    "Maofu the son of aging beekeeper Laoyu returns from the city to the family farm. Through four seasons, father and...
  15. Re: Has anyone here made a TBH out of fence pickets?

    If you can find straight sticks from somewhere or even bamboo, that would also add to your list of inexpensive hive making options. See how the people in Rift Valley, Kenya do it?

    Also, see :...
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    Re: Molding Full Wax Comb?

    Check out the work from beekeeper, Lloyd Ziegler in this video called Making a beeswax foundation mold . He used a 2 part liquid silicone material to teach beekeepers in Guinea, Africa. This was for...
  17. Re: Found a dark red spot on a bee. What is this?

    I think the verdict is out on this one. Varroa mite sounds most likely. I only brought up the phorid fly because of the image of pupae scattered around the dead bee made me think that the spot could...
  18. Found a dark red spot on a bee. What is this?

    Starting at 8 seconds into this video, you will see at the farthest left, a bee with a dark spot on its abdomen. Could this be the larvae of the phorid fly , Apocephalus borealis? I have seen the...
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    Re: White spots on bees

    This beekeeper found white patches on the backs of bees. This is a blog post of exploding Himalayan Balsam. At 0:16sec to 0:17sec of this video, one can see it explode and some sort of white fluid...
  20. Re: Festooning, Do we really understand the function?

    Well, from what you mention, not only is this about wax making, but they also seem to use their bodies to manage the size of their hive entrance. Fascinating. I never read about this before, but then...
  21. Festooning, Do we really understand the function?

    Washington state beekeeper, Rusty over at has some information that leads me to believe that we still don't fully understand festooning because she emphasizes the fact...
  22. Re: Twenty one Bumble bee flower beetles found in a top bar hive recently

    Euphoria inda is native to the North Americas. If you listen to What's Bugging You? on NPR, you may have heard of Dr. Art Evans. Check out this radio story from Dr. Art Evans on the bumble bee flower...
  23. Re: Twenty one Bumble bee flower beetles found in a top bar hive recently

    I didn't get a chance to get pictures. Let me get back to you on that. Most of the combs in the hive were ok, but then again, I'm not an expert. I know another hive next to this one did have a little...
  24. Twenty one Bumble bee flower beetles found in a top bar hive recently

    First off hi everyone. These beetles were found in a top bar this past week in New Mexico. I made this video with a little beekeeping historical context to help people understand a little bit about...
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