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    Re: Better Genetics

    If you only have a few hives, breed from ALL of your queens. You'll want the genetic diversity at first. Do keep track of at least the queen mothers.
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    Re: Who's got drones

    A dozen miles inland from the Left Coast, except for November and part of December, I had drones most of the Fall and Winter.
  3. Re: How Long for Drones to Sexually Mature

    Most drones are ready from Day 37 form egg-lay through Day 45, after which they may still mate, but thy are diminishing from their prime. The Key to healthy drones is feeding pollen AND substitute...
  4. Re: Shop tools for wood working & Building Tips/Tricks

    +1 to Terry C.

    That's not far from my setup when I was starting out. I'd include a wood rasp and 10 pipe clamps all 36" long (2 are for diagonal pressure if out-of-square).

    The table saw will...
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    I'm with Ross. Just bought a Campbell Hausfield 2-1/2" nail gun at a pawn shop for $17.00. It really does less damage to the wood in the finger joint area. I'm impressed. It also shoots shorter nails...
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    Re: French frame buidling jig

    A rack of 50 paint brushes and a matching glue tray really speeds it up. If someone comes up with a top bar holder oriented such that the same rack of 50 brushes glues up the appropriate surfaces on...
  7. Re: Process for boosting population in cell builder??

    You can newspaper combine colonies to make a queen cell builder colony if you need to. It does have to be STRONG. I do this a week before importing the capped brood. It really gets them in swarming...
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    Re: Oh the joys no one mentions

    On the subject of moving queen cells in the cold - use a styrofoam box with a damp towel (water heated to about 94 degrees F) in a Ziploc bag, then a dry towel over it. I made a little nesting box to...
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    Re: Grafting frame and cell punch tool

    Laidlaw cages are NOT for virgin queens, but for introducing MATED queens into foreign colonies.

    Being that this your first year at raising queens, you'd be well-advised to have your equipment...
  10. Re: How Much "Breeding Progress" Can Really Be Expected?

    Not all progress is necessarily lost - once a trait is present, nature must "de-select" it entirely for it to be lost. Recessive traits may seem to disappear, until that red-haired child shows up a...
  11. Re: My excel Queen Rearing Calender. Identifies which nuc needs attention.

    Computer model is nice, but a large calendar on the wall, a PLASTIC LAMINATED queen/drone rearing schedule on the desk, and a wall rack of clipboards & copies for the individual cell raising...
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    Re: queen rearing notes

    I'd keep notes of buildup rates - you'll need a bathroom scale or a fish scale and a harness for the hives, and weigh each candidate colony every 10 days or every week, depending on how often you go...
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    Re: What feed is best for queen rearing?

    Trap pollen during the peak of the flow, and freeze it. Thaw it and shake it back into a frame of empty comb a day before before raising queens (shake it into the frame the morning before rearranging...
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    Re: Grafting frame and cell punch tool

    I'd suggest leaving the candy escape out. I prefer to be the one who chooses when the queens are released - I use Laidlaw cages, which have no candy release. When the bees stop forming attack balls,...
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    93022, 93023, 93060, 93001. Bradford Callery Pear started blooming yesterday, so the "Ammonds" will be blooming soon. A wind squall blew most of the early flowers off the trees down near the coast.
  16. Re: Going to try this with a twist, queen rearing

    That should work fine.

    A frame holding individual boxes is a more flexible setup, but you can make a bunch of these "holey board" queen banks in so little time its ridiculous. If you include a...
  17. Re: Going to try this with a twist, queen rearing

    It sure looks like a lot of labor. I make a piece of 2" x 6-1/8" (medium depth) x 19" lumber, cut the "ears" for hanging it like a frame, then drill a grid of overlapping 7/8" diameter holes like...
  18. Re: Doolittle's paddle for that "scolding" bee

    My best honey producer hives are gawdawful mean, though not as bad as they used to be. I take a hike through tree branches when they are "attack balling" me. They don't follow me through 3 avocado...
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    Re: Treatment free, is it really that easy

    But YOU drinking six bottles of MY mead is good for my sales...
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    93022, 93023, 93001, 93003, 93004, 93030, 93060 zipcodes.

    Rosemary has been blooming since late October, but BLOOMING VERY HEAVILY in January, and the bees are on it. The heavy bloom is likely in...
  21. Re: What are your thoughts on using medium supers exclusively?

    If you put 3 slots down the insides, you get use as 3 x 3-frame mating nuc's, 2 x 5-frame increaser nuc's, 7 + 3-frame breeder queen isolation hive using excluder partition, and as a regular old...
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    Re: Outdoor chest freezer?

    For outdoor use I'd recommend a stainless steel model, plenty big enough for lots of frames, and good on energy stinginess. I'd also put a lock on it if it's outdoors.

    Storing frames without a...
  23. Re: Dumbest thing you ever bought for beekeeping ?

    How about the dumbest thing I DIDN'T buy? That would be pollen substitute feed patties my first year, unless you count not buying my own piece of property outside of the city and in good bee country...
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    Sticky: Re: Pollination prices

    I recall from a few years ago seeing a listing of crops and pollination prices through University of Florida's website. Sorry, I don't have the link. They also had a study suggesting planting of...
  25. Re: What are your thoughts on using medium supers exclusively?

    You can always cut deeps into all mediums later after you shoulders go to pieces. I set the table saw ripping fence parallel to the blade at 6-5/8", set the top side of the box against the fence and...
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