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  1. Re: Saw something odd in a walk away nuc

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't see whether there was a larva in the pool of jelly. There was a good amount of jelly, though. The bees are local mutts in an urban area but primarily Italian lineage...
  2. Saw something odd in a walk away nuc

    I was checking a couple of nucs yesterday and saw something odd; a supercedure (??) cell with jelly in a walk away nuc that had been made 28 days previously. The cell was on the surface of the frame...
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    Re: Mann Lake Testimonial

    I haven't gotten a response from them yet. They seem to be having issues of late. Contrast that with Better Bee. I had to pay for shipping, but I ordered on Friday and it was on my doorstep...
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    Re: Mann Lake Testimonial

    Done a lot of business with Mann Lake, and generally been happy. Be warned, though, they can be slow to ship as compared to other suppliers. Put an order in last Sunday....still waiting for it to...
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    Re: Buy a hive or a package?

    Might be luck. Might be getting them from an unusually good package provider. Might be awesome queens. Might be where the bees are being kept is unusually favorable to bees. Might be the skill of...
  6. Re: "17 billion honey bees injured, killed...", Article featuring Kim Flottum.

    Yup. Just think about the loss of companionship, mental anguish, miscellaneous compensatory damages, burial, memorial services....amazing what it would take to make the beekeeper whole.

  7. Re: "17 billion honey bees injured, killed...", Article featuring Kim Flottum.

    This is very good news as it give beekeepers some economic leverage. You want to spray? Sure. Your cost per hive for pollination services will be oh....$750. I.e. the replacement cost of the hive...
  8. Re: Today i inspected my 2 hives and i need your thoughts on what i seeen

    That isn't that many....but a few breed and become many. And you live in the south where beetles are a scourge. You will have a few beetles regardless of what you do, but if you keep them under...
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    Re: Beware of Betterbee

    Just tried them for the first time. Bought some nuc supers and inner covers. Nice folks, shipped the stuff fast and I had it in less than 4 days. They have some specialty items that I've not seen...
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    Re: My experience with

    They also sell a very good oil trap for small hive beetles. I bought some more when they had a sale around Christmas.
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    Re: Buy a hive or a package?

    My first piece of advice would be to join a club. Then get a mentor. And then buy 2 nucs from a reputable seller if you can swing it. Here in VA, those who sell bees are required to have their...
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    Re: New Package Installed ... Now What?

    I agree with the advice. Just leave them be for now. Hopefully you're feeding them. Only other advice I would have is if for some reason it doesn't take, get a locally produced nuc next time...
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    Re: Before I get my nuc in...advice?

    You're in the south which is SHB heaven. You need some sort of way to deal with the beetles, so that is sound advice. You will get some regardless of what you do, the key is keeping them under...
  14. Re: beetle blaster, never sits flat, creates more problems

    I don't like them either, but because they just don't work that well. :( They're better than nothing and I do use them in some nucs, but I think for a regular hive you're far better off using a...
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    Re: Michael Palmer double nucs

    I just ordered some 4 frame nuc supers from Better Bee on Friday. They just got a shipment in themselves. Mine are already in transit. As for shipping, check the shipping cost for different...
  16. Re: Open Feeding : Questionable Practice?

    Not wild about the practice. It can cause robbing, and could potentially result in the transmission of pathogens.

    As for the filling other folks supers with sugar water, I don't worry about...
  17. Re: Gotta ask once and for all; maybe I'm paranoid

    Loss of honeybees would definitely stink and your diet wouldn't be as varied, but what we're seeing with bees is not likely to become an extinction or even result in a loss of huge numbers of bees or...
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    Re: Hive situation SHB V.S Overcrowding

    I'm surprised you have that many using a SBB with oil trap. One thing I've noticed is that my nicer hives have more SHB and my more ornery ones have less. Might be a coincidence.
  19. Which screened bottom board SHB trap is best? Freeman or Green beehives?

    Have any of y'all done a comparison between the Freeman SHB trap and the Green beehives trap? I'm currently using the Green beehives IPK, but the Freeman looks to have some advantages (including...
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    Re: Can you identify this pest ?

    Strong hives deal with them pretty well. Keep your bees a little more crowded is one way to deal with them. Another is to use a bottom screen hive beetle trap; it gets the moth larvae as well. ...
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    Re: Control of Small Hive Beetle

    I forgot to reply to this thread. I went ahead and tried the wipes. The end result: piles of blue and white fluff blowing across my yard. The bees in my hives disposed of them in a few days. I...
  22. How late to doa walk away split in VA?

    I have several hives, and have a couple that are pretty good size. Thinking about doing another split or two (walkaway) within the next month or by mid September at the latest. How late do you...
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    Re: Paint inside of hive?

    I've noticed that bees chew the heck out of painted surfaces at the entrance of hives, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did it to the inside of boxes too.

    I wouldn't bother to paint it. Just...
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    Re: Ceder hives : worth it?

    I respectfully disagree. I've used them in the past and hate them. You spill oil in the hive in using them and they don't kill that many of the little vermin. What I use are the IPK small beetle...
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    Re: Two Week Checkup Help

    Not from Illinois, but I think you have time to start again. I think the nectar flows there start later and go later. You need to start soon. If I were you, I'd see if I could scrounge a nuc (best)...
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