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  1. Re: Goldenrod blooms up north before it blooms in the south?

    Everything was a month early this year here in Kansas the I started to see goldenrod blooms three weeks ago.
  2. Re: What do you use for smoker fuel? Any tips on keeping it lit?

    sumac is poison in this country it is called dead mans oatmeal
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    Re: All Mediums a bad idea?

    If you were planning on using double deeps use 3 mediums. The bees don't know the difference. A deep full weighs 90 lb, a medium full weighs 60 lb. While you are at it consider going to 8 frame, a 8...
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    Re: My first go at making foundationless frames

    I have a question. If you are going to all that extra work to get the standerd size cell, Why woulden't you want to go to 7/8" top bar and 1 1/4" spacing as well (that is the natural spacing)? and,...
  5. Re: bought used honey supers and frames at a auction, they are dirty

    $2.00 verses $20.00, 5 minutes per box what is your labor worth?
  6. Re: bought used honey supers and frames at a auction, they are dirty

    If you are not sure about AFB boil them in lye water! Box & frames. I have done over 300 this way with great success. Used a 55 gal drum built a fire under it, used enough lye water to cover box with...
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    Re: brushy mountain inner cover?

    Yes, Yes, and if you slide the telescoping cover foreward it will give them a top interence that is protected from weather
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