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    Re: Flyaway Barrier Recommendations

    Try a standard-sized abelia shrub -- these get about 10 x 10 at full growth and are covered with white flowers which bees will work steadily. I have also used full-sized rosemary (about 4 x 6) set on...
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    Re: Hello from North Alabama

    Hello from Shelby County! Have you checked out the Alabama Beekeeer's Association site? Glad to have a fellow addict in this hobby!
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    Re: 2012 Spring feeding question

    Thanks ... I think this is what I needed to hear. I have new packages arriving mid-March for another yard, so if I can essentially stop feeding here around that time, it will be a bit easier - in...
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    2012 Spring feeding question

    Checking the long-range forecasts, it appears that here in North Central Alabama, next month will run average temps in the mid-40's, with quite a few sunny days. March and April promise to be warmer...
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    Re: Why some beekeepers fail

    Amen to that one, Ted -- in my short time working with bees and beeks, I have seen that the folks who lose interest the most quickly are those who go into beekeeping with a romanticized idea that...
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    Re: Color of beeswax

    Thanks -- that sounds about right, as the wax I processed was nearly all from cappings and burr comb scrapings.
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    Color of beeswax

    I rendered my first beeswax this year and it came out a beautiful butter-yellow color with a very pleasant, mellow odor and a medium-firm texture. I then ordered a candle-making kit from a major...
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    Re: Newbie question about adding supers.

    Either way works - depends on how often you want to remove and replace supers. At my home/farm, I rarely have more than a single deep and 3 supers - more typically, it is two supers, which get...
  9. Re: Newbee at the Alabama state convention....

    You'll enjoy the Master Beekeeper course -- it was a crazy, fun day or two for those of us who went through this first round. There are a lot of possibilties for making the eventual graduates a...
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    Re: goldenrod honey

    Mine, too ... went down late yesterday and boy! what an odor! I knew what it was, but that doesn't stop the gag reflex ..... wife says it smells like me after a summer day in the beeyard. It's no...
  11. Thread: Sunn hemp

    by markmaster

    Sunn hemp

    I am considering this legume as a Fall ground cover in my garden. It has yellow flowers, but no one seems to know if bees will work them. Anyone have experience with this plant?
  12. Re: What is your favorite music to listen to while watching your bees

    Anything by Sting is cool with my girls ........
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    Re: Ultra Breeze jacket....

    If envy weren't a sin, I'd be envious --- been wanting the UltraBreeze jacket for a while now. I own and use the full suit, but it isn't always necessary, and I'd like to get the jacket for general...
  14. Re: Alabama Beeks: How are you doing after the tornadoes?

    Good to hear from you, Stonefly7 ..... been wondering how you were. I've only seen the destruction in Pratt City and Pleasant Grove on television, but it looks horrible.The Cullman area, where I have...
  15. Re: Alabama Beeks: How are you doing after the tornadoes?

    The Red Cross is at our school today - a coincidence, as this was set up months ago - for a blood drive. The donors are being given the opportunity to designate their donations for the tornado...
  16. Re: Alabama Beeks: How are you doing after the tornadoes?

    Glad to hear that you're OK .... my cousin Donny Phillips used to preach at the Methodist Church over in Clio --been down your way several times. I called ted a couple of times, but had to leave a...
  17. Re: Alabama Beeks: How are you doing after the tornadoes?

    Kinda worrisome that we're not hearing from our North Alabama friends -- rohebeeranch and fatscher are located in one of the areas affected by the tornadoes. Hopefully, it's just a power outage...
  18. Re: Alabama Beeks: How are you doing after the tornadoes?

    We were spared the worst of it. My bees are in Vincent (not far from Childersburg) and we only got the wind and rain. A tornado passed along the ridge about 8 miles NE of us but left us untouched. My...
  19. Alabama Beeks: How are you doing after the tornadoes?

    Just checking in on our fellow beeks in Alabama .... massive tornadoes swept through the state last night and several of the hard-hit areas are home to beekeepers on this forum. So - how are y'all?...
  20. Re: ALABAMA BEE COMPANY: Talk about customer service!

    Dang! Hope there's honey-beer left when I drive down for my nucs (or at least, a couple of Hooters girls)!
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    Re: Rooftop hives: advice sought

    Not sure yet, as I haven't been to the guess is "yes" - it's a seven-story building. Thing is, I hope that they have a service elevator .... might get a bit tricky sharing an elevator car...
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    Re: Rooftop hives: advice sought

    I wondered about that -- summers here in Alabama can get pretty hot ... I need to check out how other rooftop beeks manage to del with the surface heat.
  23. Re: S.F. Chronicle adds beehives to rooftop garden

    Didn't see this before I posted a new thread .... this may be where the hotel manager got the idea to start one here. The prospect has possibilities: the hotel is less than a mile from both the zoo...
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    Rooftop hives: advice sought

    OK, here's the situation: I was contacted by a local hotel's manager about placing some hives on the roof of the hotel. Sounds interesting, but what are the likely problems I will face? Liability, of...
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    Re: Mowing around hive

    I mow around my hives with no problems - unless I'm using the weedeater, which tends to annoy the girls a bit. Maybe wait until twilight, when the bees are mostly hived, to mow the area (if it's not...
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