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  1. Re: How would you all respond to this "constructive criticism" of the top bar hive?

    None of the bees that I have are from a package or nuc, they are all "feral". All are swarms or hives that I get from where I work.
    I will try your suggestion and see what happens.

    As I said...
  2. Re: How would you all respond to this "constructive criticism" of the top bar hive?

    Oldtimer, the frames are not foundationless, they are plastic that have been coated with wax. They are shoved together as tight as I can get them, and they still attach about four inches of comb...
  3. Re: How would you all respond to this "constructive criticism" of the top bar hive?

    Maybe I am different in some way. I have had more trouble with a lang hive than I have with my TBH. The TBH has built beautiful comb on 20 bars with me only having to trim one bar. The lang that I...
  4. Re: How would you all respond to this "constructive criticism" of the top bar hive?

    Yes, you would need to transfer a queen cell to the new hive.
    They will not try to swarm untill they get too crowded or honey bound, that is when this usually happens.
    I found that the small...
  5. Re: How would you all respond to this "constructive criticism" of the top bar hive?

    Patbeek, I'm over in Valrico, about 20 miles west of you. I also have a TBH.
    He does have some valid points and I do not think he was trying to down the TBH. They are different than a lang, but...
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    Re: Fl may ban bee laws

    The proposed law will benefit us. As it is now, the county that I live in, is wanting to charge hobbyist, a one time fee of $200.00 to keep bees in a residential area. They have laws that limit what...
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    Re: Drones being evicted...

    I"m new to this, but two of my hives evicted the drones in two days. The other hive that I just captured still has the drones in it.
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    Re: Drone question?

    Thanks for all the replies from the Florida beeks.
    This explains a lot. I was thinking that maybe they kept the drones around to heat the hive as they had started building out in the open. I did...
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    Re: Drone question?

    These drones did not come from my other hives. The other two hives that ejected them did it right. They were all over the ground in front of the hives and most of them died there.
    This is a new...
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    Drone question?

    I posted about the "hive" that I got from work on Tuesday. Put them in a small TBH and they seem to be doing fine.
    I went out and looked when I woke up this afternoon, they have started building...
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    Re: Swarms in florida?

    I take it you were saying it is everywhere but Valrico? I have not seen any around here.
    These bees may have been on the pepper, where I got them there is some around.
    Hopefully they seem to...
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    Re: September swarms in south Alabama????

    I do not know about Alabama, but I posted on another forum about the swarms that we have been having down here in Florida. Got one yesterday that filled up my TBH nuc, 12 bars. I'm gonna have to...
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    Swarms in florida?

    Why is it that we seem to have some very late swarms here in Florida?
    I work at a chemical plant and got with upper management about getting swarms off our property instead of letting them...
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    Re: Moving 3 full medium brood chambers

    The Harbor Freight crane that I have is the one ton capacity. I have never had a problem with it and I have owned it for four years.
    I have overloaded it several times and the pump leaks at the...
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    TBH with a super?

    I have already said that I am new to beekeeping, now I have a question.
    I have a 36" TBH with a small swarm that I caught on Labor Day. I also have a smaller TBH, 16", that I was going to use for...
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    Cut and crop question

    I rescued a hive that was built on a bush before it got sprayed. My question is, how to transfer this to a top bar hive?
    The comb is intertwined with the limbs of the bush and they just built comb...
  17. Thread: New here

    by RE JOnes

    New here

    Just signed up. My name is Robert and I have been researching bees for a year.
    Caught my first swarm and installed in my 36" TBH on labor Day.
    I plan on keeping bees the natural way, no...
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