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  1. Beekeeper's Corner Podcast - Episode 47 Posted

    Episode 47 is posted | Title: Bee Bombs.

    Episode Topics: Local Hive Report, US States Bee Programs, Nucleus Hives, Bayer Bee Gate, Roundtable: Lost Episode, Honey Caramel Recipe, DIY Bee Trap,...
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    Re: Screened bottom boards out?

    I'm aligned with that finding Ddawg. If I am not treating but want to see if there are natural mite drops, I slide a tray in. When I return in the next day or two there are mites on the tray. The...
  3. Re: Beekeeper's Corner Podcast - Episode 46 Posted

    Really???? It's like a hostile environment in here. The purpose of this section of the forum is to announce episodes and blog post features.

    Why SQKCRK do you feel compelled to break in here...
  4. Re: Beekeeper's Corner Podcast - Episode 46 Posted

    Thanks for the comments. I guess you can say it is a labor of love. Steve, my son is a boy scout and I so appreciate what those programs bring to youth.
  5. Beekeeper's Corner Podcast - Episode 46 Posted

    I wanted to pass along that our latest episode is posted. Topics for this show include a look back on CCD and where research is taking us, a feature on research that shows a link between the Neonic...
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    Re: Best Spray Paint and Color?

    I used to be a sign painter and have some experience with paint longevity. The recommendation for Krylon and Rustoleum are spot on. Avoid spraying yellow or red, they are the worst for holding up...
  7. Re: Ventilated Bee Jackets - Group Purchase $ 89.00 and shipped for FREE

    I'm in for a jacket - 2X size for me if that is not a problem.
  8. Re: Don't turn your nose up just yet. Check this out.


    Two years in the sun, snow, hurricane sandy, and so on and still hanging in. No degradation, they are not brittle, glue not failing. They are as strong as they day they were deployed. The...
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    Re: Look at this Hive Stand

    Hi everyone, this is Kevin Inglin from the Beekeeper's Corner Podcast.

    I got tipped off to the thread and I'm amused at all of the back and forth. I've received dozens of inquiries/comments...
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    Re: community feeders

    The fall golden rod flow started a few days after this feeder was put out so yes, it is possible that they bees went for something else. I kept the box intact and will try it again next summer after...
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    Re: community feeders

    I tried a community feeder and as others commented, it resulted in tons of yellow jackets, european hornets, and just about everything else but the bees. Video of the results.
  12. Randy Oliver Presenting - New Jersey Beekeepers Association May 12th - Clinton NJ

    The Northwest branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association will be hosting Randy Oliver of on May 12th. The meeting will be hosted at the North Hunterdon High School. ...
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