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  1. Thread: Colorado

    by Brenda Seader


    Western Kansas zip 67758
    First noticed bees bringing in pollen today (1/16/2015)
    From charts I have compared pollen to, I believe this is from the elms in town.
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    Re: First sting of the new year...

    Got my first one today, through my jeans on my thigh. Caught her in a fabric wrinkle when I squatted down to reverse box. OK. Check THAT off the list....
  3. Re: Wanted hive top feeder that wont drown bees!

    Don't throw away your Brushy Mountain hive top feeders-I had the same problem until I got some plastic cross stitch canvas from Michael's Crafts for a couple of bucks, and cut it to fit the floats. ...
  4. Re: Has anyone purchased nucs from Grampas Honey in Denver, Colorado?

    I purchased a 3lb pkg in 2011 from Apis Apiaries, who used To Bee or Not To Bee as their dropoff. Great bees (italians), calm, got going early and never looked back. I split this same hive twice...
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    Re: How much honey to leave in a drought?

    For Spunky: Not to hijack this thread, but did you take the frames off to harvest honey, or to store for the bees for later on? If you've been feeding syrup, you won't have pure honey?????
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    Re: Is cardboard safe as a smoker fuel?

    I've recently started using a roll of carboard in the bottom of my smoker, with 100% cotton rag and grass on top. I haven't noticed any problems, and it does stay lit a lot longer for me. :)
  7. Re: Plant ID? Is this a type of skunk cabbage?

    Thanks, Walliebee!
  8. Plant ID? Is this a type of skunk cabbage?

    This plant is starting to bloom around zip 67758 in Kansas. Can anyone ID it for me? Thanks in advance.
  9. Re: New Bee keeper, no "mentor", I have questions!

    Check the Colorado Beekeepers Assn. website for a list of clubs. There may be one close to you.
    Keep coming back to this forum--there are some very wise beeks here,...
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    Re: Hive Top Feeder/Killer

    " Has any one made in changes to this stye feeder to lessen the number of bees drowning?"

    I have the hivetop Brushy Mountain feeders, and had the same result you did. Drowned bees everytime I...
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    Is this a supercedure cell?

    I did an inspection today on a swarm I hived on May 18. I found 2 cells, one open, 1 closed, next to each other in the brood nest, near the top bar of the frame. I took a picture, but forgive the...
  12. Re: Bees causing problems at bed & breakfast outdoor functions (not B&B's Bees!)

    Thanks, everyone! These are great ideas--I will forward them to the innkeeper. You folks never fail me!
  13. Re: Bees causing problems at bed & breakfast outdoor functions (not B&B's Bees!)

    You're right, nasal, but imagine gorgeous gardens, surrounding a grassy area, where a wedding is taking place--and 50 or more guests are seated in chairs, and lots of bees stopping in on their way to...
  14. Bees causing problems at bed & breakfast outdoor functions (not B&B's Bees!)

    I was asked today if I knew what could be done about excess of bees in gardens of bed & breakfast, bothering guests at outdoor functions. The B&B does not have hives in their extensive gardens,...
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    Re: Mann Lake Weekly Sale

    I bought 5 medium boxes last year. They went together easily, and I've had no problems. We'll see how they've held up 10 years from now!
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    Re: Plywood for inner covers

    Can you describe how you cut the groove? I lucked into some free wood, and have been making a few boxes, etc., and finally getting to learn how to work with wood (I'm a 62 yr old gramma!). I've got...
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    Re: Used equipment

    I agree-as a mom/wife/primarycookand bottlewasher/canner for the last 41 years, I would immediately return any food that had a lid that was damaged. If they are two piece lids, you can get the flat...
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