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    Re: Titebond II - what happened?

    If it came from Santa it might have frozen before it got here.

    Can you tell I'm bored on a Sunday night????
  2. Re: What's the most useful ..table saw or router table

    I added an entry level router to my collection last year and am glad I did. I had a dado blade for my table saw but my saw is smaller so I can't get a stack quite wide enough to make the rests and...
  3. Re: So far one of my 2 swarms is still alive

    We were about 55 yesterday and low 50's today. It supposed to be in the 40's-50's until later this week.
  4. Re: So far one of my 2 swarms is still alive


    I am really hoping the swarm makes it. It would be nice to have some bees that I think (hope) are "wild" and have been surviving Indiana winters. I was fearful this year because it has...
  5. So far one of my 2 swarms is still alive

    The only hives I had going into this winter were 2 swarms I caught late July. Today it reached almost 50 degrees. I went over and saw no activity outside either hive so I figured both were dead. ...
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    Re: swarm trap placement

    Most of what I have read says that by instinct they will move at least a mile or more away. Nothing is definite with Mother Nature but I've been told that traps placed too close to ferrel hives will...
  7. Re: How cold before you need to close up bottom of hive?

    Just for peace of mind, my first winter was last year. I had a screened bottom board and left it open all year. Last winter was a lot worse then this winter. Long stretches of zero temps or lower...
  8. Re: What to know about pesticides in apple orchard

    Im in a different boat, I live 1/2 mile from an orchard however my wife is allergic to bees so when I first got interested she would have nothing of it. I went to the owner of the orchard and asked...
  9. Re: What Beekeeping Goodies did Santa Drop Off?

    This was my second year, my hive I started with two years ago did not make it to this winter (laying worker). I am left with two swarms that I caught late in the summer (Late July) so I don't have my...
  10. Re: in the market for a router and table and all the extras needed

    I have a table saw with a cheaper skil brand dado set. I used that part way through the year and found a Craftsman router and table on CL for $70.00. It is one of the were ones that sells for maybe...
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    Re: Downside To Leaving Empty Supers On

    Here's one thing I came across this spring with my first over wintered hive. I had two deeps and a medium full that they over wintered with. The gradually moved up as I expected. Come spring the...
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    Re: Question on Swarm Traps

    How long do you plan to leave the trap hang after a swarm moves in? Assuming you check the regularly a nuc box with only bees won't be too much lighter then a 10 frame box with only bees in it. Now...
  13. Re: Bees weren't flying but the yellow jackets were.

    Thanks for the info, I might adjust my reducer to open the middle. My entrance was already reduced to only about two inches. Last year (and this year) I just cut a reducer that leaves a small...
  14. Bees weren't flying but the yellow jackets were.

    I went over today to put my entrance reducers on and get my hives ready for winter. It was a little over 50 degrees so I expected the bees would be flying. I saw no activity on one hive so I cracked...
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    Re: Thinking about some feed this week.

    Last year I checked my hive one day in February and it was light, empty of stores. I ended up adding news paper and 4 pounds of dry sugar. That got them through. I like the idea of the sugar helping...
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    Re: Thinking about some feed this week.

    Thanks for the info. I have another question going into winter. Last year my first and only hive had a screened bottom board. I left it wide open all winter and just used an entrance reducer with...
  17. Re: How do I keep wax moths from destroying my stored supers????

    A friend of mine said he fills a bottom board with moth ball flakes. He stacks several boxes of frames on the bottom board and puts a lid on for several days. He then takes the boxes off and stores...
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    Re: Thinking about some feed this week.

    The latest swarm was from a trap that had not been checked for about 4 weeks. So they had drawn out 8 frames (foundationless) when I got them out of the tree. At that time the trap weighed between...
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    Thinking about some feed this week.

    I have 2 swarms that I caught late July early August. Both have decent stores but feel a little lite to me. I am in Indiana and this week is supposed to be sunny and highs in the 70's all week. I...
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    Re: Three supers

    Last year I over wintered my first ever hive with two deeps and one medium. I left all the stores for them to survive. The only issue I had was that the bees started moving up late winter early...
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    Re: Winter Setup

    Kind of a hijack but I didn't want to start another winterizing thread, there seems to be plenty. If I get a piece of foam insulation board for the top of my hive should it be cut to sit on the...
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    Re: What did you harvest this year?

    My first hive from last year ended up with laying workers this fall. I shook them out and got 14 pints from the medium that had capped honey. The deep frames that had any stores in them were frozen...
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    Re: Bees at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I've been there for that once. My brother lives out there and got to help crew for a balloon for the week. Got to take a nice high balloon ride also. It's something to see.
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    Re: When to leave a hive alone for winter.

    I had read something similar, but was also told that is why you feed 2:1 or 5:3 in the fall. It is thick enough it won't put off as much moisture as 1:1
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    Re: Which bee jacket or suit for hot weather?

    I bought a ventilated jacket from Mann Lake, I like it if there is a decent breeze but it is a lot heavier then my cheap pull over jacket. If there is no breeze the pullover is cooler to work in. If...
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