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    Re: Winter losses ?

    In western NY State, close to lake Erie we have had 3 days since January 1st 2014 where the girls could have any cleansing flights. This has been the longest, most brutally cold winter I have ever...
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    Re: Glenn Apiaires Going out of Business

    I am very sad to hear Glenn Apiaries is retiring. I have a queen of theirs who has been the finest queen a beekeeper could ever have. This Queen Mum is 2 1/2 years old now, and I will let her live...
  3. Re: Question about sound heard coming from hive

    A few years ago I had a very bad outbreak of wax moths, and found the jack-hammer/grinding sound was chewing the hive wood by wax moth larvae.
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    Re: Pledge to be a BSA Beekeeping Mentor

    I pledge to be a BSA Beekeeking Mentor if it is reinstated as a merit badge.
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    Re: Pledge to be a BSA Beekeeping Mentor

    I pledge to BSA that I will act as a mentor to scouts if BSA reinstates the Bekeeping Merit Badge.
    I am located in the Redlands/San Bernardino area of southern CA. Feel free to contact me any time....
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    Queen dead, don't know what to do.

    Can anyone help? One of my 2 hives has brought their queen out – dead, this afternoon. It’s cool here now, 70 degrees during the day (southern CA, San Bernardino Valley) and 35-40 at night. There...
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    Hive Scent

    Our hive has an odor also. I believe it is the honey. Is it a very strong smell, not foul, and almost cheesy or yeasty, but unlike anything you've smelled before??? Try to smell the entrance. It's...
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    Swarm catching

    I just read this somewhere yesterday. Thought it sounded interesting. But first thoughts were of the brood getting chilled. Maybe others can comment on this post, also.

    "Just a quick tip: a...
  9. Thread: what's SHB?

    by sandesoils

    Go as chemical-free as possible.

    [QUOTE=teezbeez;341602]also, 1st year, mostly new frames and such.... what is my best route for disease and mite treatment? i'm thinking about those foil thingys--they seem easiest. i'm trying to go...
  10. Datura Poisoning/Toxic to Bees or people?????

    I just read that Datura is toxic. Datura grows wild EVERYWHERE here in the southwest (southeastern CA). I've got some in the yard - yellow & purple, and see the girls inside the flowers often. Does...
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    Ant control suggestion

    A farmer/beekeeper in western NY state told me that burdock leaves (fresh) get rid of ants. I have no way of testing this as I live in So. Cal now, and there aren't any here.
    We use cinnamon...
  12. Hi Miss Kraemer! Just a note about colloidal...

    Hi Miss Kraemer! Just a note about colloidal silver. I've been using it for over 8 years. I make my own using medical grade silver. It is the ONLY way to trust it. One will NEVER turn grey if...
  13. Piping Queen reasons

    Thanks Jim! VERY interesting!!
    I'm sure it's possible that something may have happened in the last month that we were unaware of. I sure hope not!! AHB has been found in our town recently. I...
  14. Queen 'Piping'

    Thanks for the response Oldbee. Yes, she is piping. It sounds like a cry. I heard her as I was about to rake beneath the hive. Here is a link to hear for yourself: ...
  15. Queen can be heard crying, what does this mean?

    I know that they cry when there is another queen challenging her. But we went through the whole hive 4 days ago to clean and check everything. The hive was immaculate. There were no queen cells....
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    On Saving Girls: I save our girls from the pool...

    On Saving Girls:
    I save our girls from the pool 4 or 5 times a day. We provide them with soaker hoses in the garden, but each day there are those new ones that don't know about the water supply. ...
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